Top 10 Dating Sites on FaceBook

is strategically one of the best social networks for dating sites to really reach out and attract more visitors yet many of the largest dating sites are strangely missing out on this opportunity. Fortunately though there are several really proactive dating sites like that are using their FaceBook pages to share success stories with the FaceBook community. To us, showing that you are an active and vibrant community by leveraging FaceBook is really important and should be seen as an indicator of how proactive and energetic the people are that are behind each of the dating websites. Without further fanfare, here are the top 10 dating sites on FaceBook:

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Site (Click Here)Dating Site ReviewFaceBook - If you are into Zoosk chances are really good that you know how innovative they are with their FaceBook application. They are the hands-down number 1 dating site on FaceBook!Click Here - Here is a company that gets FaceBook, they have multiple FaceBook Applications like the Your YouIQ one and more. This is really nicely done!Click Here has more great uses of FaceBook. You should check out their SneakPeak tab as well as their separate section on success stories. This is a great example of making FaceBook fun and informative!Click Here uses their wall to distribute some really great online dating tips as well as to showcase couples that have met on the site. I really like their Are You Feelin' It test. It is cool!Click Here does a great job of having discussions on their FaceBook page which are both interesting and intriguing for their FaceBook fans.Click Here always pays attention to the details and their FaceBook page shows it. It looks awesome and is loaded with success stories from their members. They have a bunch of fans and it is really easy to see why. Great stuff!Click Here has a FaceBook page that is a little more like a big advertisement for their site. A lot of companies use FaceBook this way, but it has a lot more to offer. We are going to keep our eyes on this one.Click Here is starting to build out a good FaceBook presence the pictures are good and the spotlight on a member is a nice touch. We are looking forward to watching this one grow.Click Here has some interesting statistics on their wall and seem to use FaceBook about like a regular user would so we think they can dig deeper but it's another decent effort.Click Here is a really popular dating site that also has a relatively lackluster FaceBook presence and is making the list because of it's size and the fact it at least made an attempt.Click Here

If you come across any excellent FaceBook pages that you think we are missing, be sure to shoot us a note using the form below and let us know why you like their page. We will keep our eyes open watching for more dating sites on FaceBook to be able to relay onto you.

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