Senior Dating Sites

Time passes by far, far too quickly and before you know it some of us find ourselves qualified to be called “seniors.” Now the really odd thing about hitting this point is that you absolutely don’t feel any different in your mind. However, you definitely do feel different in your body (aches, pains, etc.). So one thing that is still a constant is the desire to have someone to share your life with and one of the best ways to meet other seniors is through senior dating sites.

Best Senior Dating Sites

    More Info from SeniorFriendFinder

    Senior Friend Finder – By far the best site for seniors to meet and find the relationship that they are after whatever that might be. If you want to bring passion into your life again or maybe you just want companionship, this is the largest and most complete online dating site for you. Join now for free and find seniors in your area that share your interests and desires.
    More Info from – Another great place for seniors to meet, this site pays special attention to privacy and will give you a high quality and feature-rich experience which is right on target for the needs of an older adult. There is nothing tame or mild about the level of passion you can clearly see from other members on the site.

    5 Great Reasons for Senior Dating Sites

    1. Find someone your own age! How many times have we heard that over the years? I’ll tell you it gets harder and harder the older you get (stating the obvious is a gift).
    2. Finding other seniors that share your interests can be difficult without the help of a dating service especially depending upon your interest (travel, golf, etc.).
    3. Getting a start after years of being away from the “dating scene” can be extremely daunting and just really uncomfortable but thankfully dating sties remove a lot of that awkwardness.
    4. Variety is the spice of life (we know that all too well). Especially when you are a senior you may want to find more options before settling in on a longer term relationship (if ever).
    5. Sometimes you are just looking for a friend (not always a lover) and knowing exactly what the other person wants out of a relationship from their dating profile is really nice to know from the beginning.

    Now there are many different ways to go about setting up your dating profile on a senior dating site. Like most dating sites there really isn’t one single way to get the best possible response. In fact, the only consistent way of making sure you find matches that work well for you is if you are completely honest about what you are looking for from other members of the site. Accordingly we put together a list of questions you should answer when completing a dating profile.

      7 Questions to Answer When Preparing Your Senior Dating Profile

      • How long has it been since you dated? It’s also a good idea to explain why you are starting a search right now.
      • What are you looking for in a relationship or relationships? Do you want someone to hang out with on occasion or are you looking for a longer term and deeper relationship?
      • Are there specific things you are uncomfortable with that you want to make known upfront (first date rules, movie rules, dinner rules, etc.)?
      • Do you have any medical conditions that a person would need to be made aware of in advance or are you seeking relationships with others that have a similar condition?
      • What qualities are you looking for in a date? Be as specific as you can to help others to eliminate themselves by just reading your profile.
      • Do you have any scheduled events weekly, monthly, etc. that could get in the way of spending time with a date? If yest, then making them aware of those will help the process a lot.
      • Are you retired? If you are retired that’s great to know because it helps other members know how much time you may have to dedicate to your relationship.

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