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If you haven’t been active in an online dating site for an extended period of time (or maybe even never joined one), then it can be somewhat overwhelming to jump straight into a site and start making friends.  We will tell you that the best online dating communities are extremely welcoming (though often suspicious) of new members.  Unfortunately, people do tend to get a little jaded by the rumors and realities of fake profiles and people that are just out to have some fun online but not really serious about online dating.  After a while, you develop almost a sixth sense for these types of things and just avoid and/or move along quickly once you encounter a problem.  Until you are at that point, we wanted to put together a series of short guides that will help you get off to a good start with the top dating sites.

  • Online Dating 101 – This is your crash course on online dating sites.  While you won’t find out absolutely everything you need to know this will give you a solid foundation before you join one of the top dating sites.  We recommend that you start here and then work your way through the other online dating tips listed below.
  • 10 Differences Between Online and Offline Dating – There are a lot of similarities between dating in the real and virtual world.  The first of which being people are involved (in most cases… see below).  However, there are also some basic ground rules that are different in both worlds so we put together a quick guide to point them out to you.
  • 10 Tips for Staying Safe When Dating Online – Just like in the real world there are risks associated with online dating as well.  Fortunately, they aren’t physical risks, but they can be just as devastating if you aren’t aware of them.  By following these 10 tips, you will find yourself protected from a majority of the online dating risks.
  • 10 Tips for Creating a Solid Online Dating Profile – We have all heard the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression and with online dating sites your profile is that impression.  It’s important to follow these basic rules when setting up your dating profile that will help you specifically target the type of relationship you are looking for.
  • 10 Tips for Playing the Field Online – Lots of people joing dating sites because they really just aren’t sure what they are looking for from their next boyfriend/girlfriend.  So they tend to jump in and kick off a bunch of relationships some of which can backfire because they just aren’t playing the field in a way to avoid collisions, figts, and similar problems.
  • 10 Things to Do While Dating Online – Once you have been dating online for a while you might start to get a bit bored with the same old routine.  With these 10 tips, you will have some ideas as to how to possibly shake up your routine.  Of course, you might already be doing these as well, but if you aren’t they can really improve your results.
  • 10 Things to Avoid While Dating Online – These are rules that just should not be broken (if you have done these don’t worry, we all slip up).  It’s always good to know what is generally accepted behavior and what is not.  In fact, it could be more important to know what not to do because you may never even get a second shot if you commit some of these cardinal sins.
  • 10 Scary Stats on Online Dating – Sometimes the best way to avoid becoming a victim on any site, but especially a dating site is to arm yourself with the common pitfalls that are associated with online dating.  By knowing what they are, you have a much better chance of avoiding them yourself.
  • 10 Cool Stats on Online Dating Success – Likewise, it’s also good to get familiar with how successful people have been with finding the relationships they were looking for online.  It can be really inspiring especially if you have been on a dating dryspell recently.
  • 10 Secrets for Finding Your Wife Online – Most of us know at least one couple that have met online and eventually gotten married.  We decided to collect some of what they consider to be the secrets to their success and put together these tips for men (or women) looking for a wife.
  • 10 Secrets to Finding a Husband Online – Of course we can’t leave out the women that are looking for a husband, we want you to learn their tricks as well.  These are some of the most common tips they give for meeting your next husband online.

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eHarmony – This site has truly made a difference in the lives of millions of people. It’s extremely safe and their technology is very effective at helping you find people that will bring the best out in you as you build life-long relationships. Find out more about yourself and the type of person that will provide you with the joy of sharing a full and happy life. You can get started in minutes and before you know it, you could be chatting with the love of your life.
To follow eHarmony on Twitter go HERE. You can also follow eHarmony on FaceBook by going HERE. Both are updated regularly and offer another way to always make sure you are getting the most out of their services.
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FriendFinder – This site is a bit less formal and there are a wider variety of people looking for different types of relationships on FriendFinder. Some are just looking for someone to hang out with while others are looking for adult friends to have a fling with. Just be clear upfront with what your intentions are and you will get a lot out of this site.
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