Online Dating 101

Online dating does have its similarities to regular dating. You look for someone you have a common interest with, you start a conversation and once you are comfortable with them, you go out on your first date. There are some differences though that you wouldn’t normally encounter when going out in public to meet a person. You get to limit who you talk to, by choosing to respond or not to respond to their messages. You have more privacy, and don’t run the risk having someone follow you home. You have a much larger group of people to choose from than  you might have just going out on the town.

Online dating can be a great way to meet someone and fall in love. However, you do need to protect yourself, and have some safeguards in place. See below, for some Do’s and Don’ts of online dating.

Do: Don’t:
Use an appropriate photo that compliments you and only you. Post nude or blurry photos, and no photos of pets, cartoon characters or someone else.
Use a separate email account for contact information that you can change later if needed. Give out your real name, address or phone number in your profile.
Be honest and complimentary about yourself in your profile. Lie about your physical attributes or make negative comments about yourself.
Be specific about your interests. “I like hiking, camping and fishing.” Be so vague that you do not leave an impression. “I like the outdoors.”
Send a quick message letting others know you may be interested, and ask them to review your profile and get back to you. Stalk people on the dating sites, who do not respond to your messages.
Keep your online dating profile up to date and current, refresh as needed, if you are not getting any hits. Leave your online dating profile up and active, if you are in an exclusive relationship.
Pick a very public meeting place for your first date, and let someone know where you are going. Let your date pick you up or take you home, until you have an established relationship.

When filling out your online profile, make sure that you put some thought into it and have a friend or family member review it. This isn’t something you want to rush through just to get it done, because this will be the first impression you make on potential contacts. Make sure you use proper grammar and spell check, as this will enhance your profile by making it easier to read. It will also show that you are educated, and not too lazy to proof read.

Once you start chatting with someone that suits your interests, you can begin dating the same way you would if someone had set you up on a blind date. The difference is, you have much more information about the person you are going out with. Make sure you are safe, by letting others know where you are going, meeting in a public place and leaving separately.

Online dating can be a great way to meet someone special. There are literally millions of people who do it. Remember to have fun, get creative and be safe.

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