Gay Dating Sites

Every day we get closer and closer to being a more open minded society which is really great to see. The good news is that that online dating community has been very open for several years now. As a result, there are literally millions of men signed up for gay dating sites. This includes some men that are looking for their first relationship and struggling with opening up to others about their sexual preference as well as seasoned gay dating pros. There is no need to worry here about where you are on the spectrum as all men are equally accepted and up for grabs.

Best Gay Dating Sites

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    Gay Friend Finder – This is a great new site with tons of members and all of the latest tools and technology. It’s powered by but specifically for gay men to get together and enjoy some quality chats, etc. So far it is extremely promising and has been a fun community to follow as it has rapidly grown to almost 1 million members strong.
    More Info from – This is a sister site to and as you can imagine it is loaded with features and tools to help you find a man that will make you happy. This is the largest gay dating site that we are aware of and will provide you with a ton of great opportunities. If you want to experience more, then you might want to jump straight to this site.
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    OUTPersonals – Gay men everywhere check this one out! It’s cool and has everything that you could possibly be thinking you want to do with that man of your dreams. This is more of a bleeding edge gay dating site that is looking to push the envelope and make an immediate impact on your life.

    5 Great Reasons for Gay Dating Sites

    1. Some men are honestly just too shy to go up to another man and ask them out so this gives them a really non-threatening way to do that and with A LOT more men.
    2. Honestly, some of the gay clubs (nightclubs) out there are really just terrible and NOT the place that all gay men want to go to find their next man.
    3. It can be challenging at times to know whether or not another man is receptive to going out on a date (aka, hard to tell if they are straight or not). On gay dating sites you know you are safe there.
    4. It’s also very possible that the man is not quite sure about their sexuality and they need a safe way to discretely test the waters. This is another exceptionally good use for gay dating sites.
    5. Gay men like choices too!

    Now there are many different ways to go about setting up your dating profile on a gay dating site. We think that there isn’t a wrong way (so good news there). In general, the main stumbling block (if any) for gay members centers around not being honest with themselves and with the community. Accordingly we put together some tips to make life easier on you and the gay membership site/community that you join.

      7 Questions to Answer When Preparing Your Gay Dating Profile

      • Will this be your first gay relationship? It’s fairly unlikely that your first relationship will happen via a gay dating site but it is possible. Even if you think you are fairly new to dating, it’s worth a mention.
      • Are you in or out of the closet? This is really important for the other man to know. If you still haven’t told others around you that you are gay, there is some risk to the relationship.
      • Are you open to dating people that are inexperienced or unsure about their sexuality? Remember what you went through but also be honest if you just aren’t the nurturing type then say so.
      • Are you willing to consider a partner that is bi? If not, then it’s a good idea to mention that on your dating profile (btw, also let everyone know if YOU are bi).
      • What type of a man are you looking for? Are you looking for someone a bit more butch or someone not so much?
      • What qualities in a man most excite you and get your motor running? If you are not sure, go ahead and say that as well hopefully before too long you will know more (after seeing a few more men).
      • It’s also good to be prepared for questions about overall health, AIDS, STD’s, etc. Not all men say it but some are definitely thinking about it all the time.

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