Chat Roulette Sites

Speed dating has always been a blast but a relatively new form of that has become possible through the clever use of the Internet to meet totally random people either in your area or halfway around the World. How is it possible? Through various forms of chat roulette sites including those that leverage Skype, AIM, and other instant messaging systems (many are proprietary). Another really fun iteration is video chat roulette where with only a simple web cam you can hop on and get a chance to chat and see someone completely random (just like traditional speed dating).

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5 Great Reasons for Chat Roulette Sites

  1. It’s the most convenient way to really explore what you are looking for as even if you don’t find it, you may find what you are NOT looking for which can be just as important.
  2. You get a chance to see how people think on their feet without too much time to prepare which can really give you great insights into who they really are.
  3. If you use video chat roulette there is less left to your imagination and they can’t fib as much when they describe themselves and/or look up answers to questions you are asking online.
  4. It’s a relatively safe environment that is almost rejection free as people are really using them more to just to get to know others as opposed to immediately wanting to spend the rest of their lives with you.
  5. You get to show off your wit in ways that just aren’t possible any other way. You can show that you are the top catch that everyone should be looking for (but don’t blink… cause soon you will be gone).

When you are getting setup for chat roulette it is important to think through what you are most wanting to achieve by getting involved in a particular roulette community. If you are sure you want video chat roulette, then make sure the site has great video features. If you are looking for lots of choices, make sure they have lots of active members. When you setup your profile you need to be clear on your goals so that others get auto matched with you properly. Here are some great questions to ask yourself as you are building out your chat roulette profile:

7 Questions to Answer When Preparing Your Chat Roulette Profile

  • If you are the type of person that likes to spend extra time with people, make sure they know that as it is really pretty hard to accomplish with chat roulette (in fact, make sure it is actually right for you).
  • Who do you want to chat with and what do you think their profile should look like? Are you looking for old, young, short, fat, what is it you want most in a chat partner?
  • Do you have any subjects that you want to be clear are off limits? For instance, you don’t want to chat about ex-mates, etc.
  • Are you 100% against smoking, drinking, casual drug use, etc. It’s good to let people know as these topic can come up in casual chats.
  • Do you have a really strong religious and/or other belief system that you need to make people aware of in advance so that they or you are not taken back by something that is said in the heat of the chat?
  • What is your relationship status (be honest) are you looking for a relationship? Are you in an existing relationship? Is your existing relationship open?
  • When doing video chat roulette you need to make sure you have an adequate Internet connection and equipment otherwise it can be simply grueling so be sure to find out what is needed in advance and ask the right questions from their support team or existing users.

Dating Sites with Chat Roulette

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