The 10 Reasons You’re No Juliet

For centuries, Romeo and Juliet have been synonymous with love and passion. Comparisons are almost inevitable whenever we consider our own romantic fortunes. So, how does your love life stack up in comparison to our Shakespearean maiden, the young Capulet? Let’s break it down. Here are the ten reasons you’re no Juliet:

  1. At the tender age of thirteen, Juliet had discovered, fallen in love with, and married the love of her life. You, at age thirty-five, are often undecided between a Friday night date and CSI:NY.
  2. Juliet was willing to forsake her family, social status and fate for her true love, Romeo. You need a consensus among six friends, your horoscope, a psychic, and Dr. Phil before giving out your phone number.
  3. Juliet feigned death in order to escape being wed to Paris, her suitor. You feign having the flu in order to escape wedding invitations.
  4. Juliet is the daughter of aristocracy, a product of high social status. Your family is so blue-collar that until you were 18, the only union with men you ever knew about were the Teamsters.
  5. Juliet rejected the worst reports about Romeo’s character, and chose to trust her intuition, and Romeo himself. You, in contrast, won’t even do lunch without first conducting an online background check.
  6. Her love for Romeo was so intense that Juliet, upon seeing him dead, plunged a dagger into her own heart. You fairly faint at the sight of a syringe, and so have never so much as donated blood.
  7. Juliet, in the span of four days, exhibits a steely determination to pursue this, her love of a lifetime at all costs. You, on the other hand, would need that long to decide on a pair of shoes.
  8. Juliet develops from a naive child into a self-assured woman through her love affair with Romeo. That pretty much works in reverse for you, when it comes to romantic interests.
  9. Marriage is not a priority for Juliet, despite the urgings and manipulations of her parents. You are constantly reminded that all of your friends have married, and are tired of being the proverbial ‘fifth wheel’ at parties.
  10. On the plus side, you’re willing to wait until the right guy comes along, without killing yourself in the process; and you have the love and support of your family in doing so.

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