10 Signs that Someone Will Say ANYTHING to Date You

How many times have you heard or said, “All of the good ones are taken.”  The single dating scene is harder than ever these days.  How do you know who’s really great and who’s just making stuff up to sound great?  Many more people are meeting online in chat rooms, or through dating sites than ever before.  While this seems like a good thing, how do you know who to trust?  Even when you meet them for coffee in a public place to check them out you may still not know if they are worth dating.  Check out 10 signs that someone will say ANYTHING to date you.

  1. His stats suddenly match what you are looking for online: You’ve entered what you’re looking for in the perfect guy and you’ve checked out many of the guys online, but out of the blue this guy now has all of the things you’re looking for even though you’re pretty sure that you thought he was a loser the first time you saw his profile.
  2. She agrees with everything you say: You meet this girl in a bar and she’s kind of cute, but the more you talk with her you figure out that she is a ‘yes’ girl.  She has no opinion of her own, but now loves everything you love and can’t agree with you fast enough.
  3. He sounds too good to be true: You’ve moved from the Internet to talking by phone.  At first you think that he sounds great and that you’ve finally found Mr. Right, but then it starts sounding a little fishy that he’s a doctor, drives the perfect car, lives in the perfect neighborhood, and does charity work with kids in his free time.  If he sounds too good to be true he’s probably lying.  Wake up!
  4. Things don’t add up: The hard thing about lying is that once you tell so many lies it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve said.  Keep in mind what he’s told you before and see if what he’s telling you could be true.  He graduated top of his class and is a successful doctor, but he’s 23 years old.  That’s not possible.  Sometimes it won’t be that obvious, but he may be telling you what he thinks you want to hear and you can lead him into tripping himself up if he’s lying.
  5. He loves even ugly stuff if you do: Just for fun you should point out something that is utterly hideous and say how pretty it is.  If he chimes in with, yeah I know right.  You know that he is probably not being genuine and that you either need to tell him to knock it off or take a hike at this point.
  6. She stares into your eyes the whole time: There is something to be said for making eye contact and paying attention to the person you are with.  There’s something else when you think you’re in a staring contest with them and you are wondering who’s going to blink first.  This happens with women probably more than men, but many times women are constantly trying to gauge what a guy is thinking and trying to have that moment where he looks deep into her eyes and falls head over heels for her.  During the first date this is just creepy.
  7. He apologizes a lot: I don’t know what is it, but some people just think it’s their job to apologize for everything that goes wrong.  Now, there are some people that are just naturally like that and if you think they are being genuine and you are okay with that then great, but sometimes guys just try too hard to make everything perfect and if it’s not then they are constantly saying they are sorry.  It gets old so give it a rest.
  8. Super self-conscious: People that are trying too hard to impress you and are willing to say anything to date you will often be super self-conscious too.  They will have an excuse for everything.  Sorry I’m not dressed up more; sorry I didn’t get my hair cut etc.
  9. Tries too hard: Someone that is willing to say anything to date you will spend the whole time complimenting you and telling you how smart you are and how witty.  One or two compliments during an evening is fine and probably nice, but when they are saying things every other sentence they are trying too hard and are willing to keep buttering you up so they can get that date or something else.
  10. Small talk-itis: I think women fall into this category a bit more than guys, but they just babble on about nothing.  They are trying to land on the perfect thing to get you to talk.  They don’t want to say anything of substance in case you wouldn’t agree with their position.  Be real and have a real conversation, it’s worth the risk.


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