10 Reasons Some Men Love Bigger Women

Thanks in no small measure to the fashion industry and its preference for impossibly thin models, women have been brainwashed into believing that the ideal figure comes in a size 2. In truth, many men prefer women with more, shall we say, substance. Yes, curves are back in a big way and men love them. Here are 10 reasons why some men love bigger women:

  1. Culture – Physical attraction is of course an individual thing, but a physical ideal is often the product of a particular culture. In many cultures, the ideal female figure is more curvaceous, and men from those cultures are naturally more attracted to women who fit that image.
  2. Biology – From a physiological standpoint, the female figure throughout history had been viewed from the perspective of one’s child-bearing characteristics. Wider hips and larger bosoms indicated fertility, strength and nursing capabilities.
  3. Memory – Some men might have a preference for larger women based on a psychological attachment to a strong female figure in their early lives. The physical dimensions they seek in a mate reflect the level of influence or control that figure had on them in their formative years.
  4. Mother – In the same way that many cultures have valued women for their ability to bear children, some men choose women in an attempt to replace their own mothers. Their physical preferences are rooted in the aforementioned idealized maternal image.
  5. Fidelity – Some men choose larger women based solely on the pretext that, as such, these women would be less likely to cheat on them. Their logic goes that a larger woman will be less attractive to other men, thus ensuring her fidelity. What this says about such a man’s self-image and his view of the opposite sex could fill a book.
  6. Insecurity – Some men choose larger women because, like the men described above, their preference is rooted in self-doubt. Their insecurity about their own appearance draws them to women whom they regard to be physically less-than-ideal themselves, and so won’t be rejected for their own shortcomings.
  7. Modern – Modern culture has recently begun to once again celebrate the zaftig female form. The prevalence of plus-size women in pop culture has changed a lot of minds regarding physical attraction.
  8. Compatibility – A predilection for plus-size mates might in some instances simply be a matter of physical compatibility. Large men would logically be expected to gravitate toward large women, closer to their own dimensions.
  9. Attraction – There are men who just like “something to grab onto”, as they say. They find the substance of a larger woman more sexually appealing and satisfying. Women with curves look like women, which leads us to our next observation …
  10. Different – As the French saying goes, vive le différence! Men are attracted to those attributes of the opposite sex that make them different. An hourglass figure is synonymous with femininity, and so is naturally appealing to those who do indeed celebrate how our genders complement one another.

Personal tastes and preferences vary widely, as do the underlying reasons behind them. While some of the reasons listed above might not be very complementary, there are many men who honestly prefer women with more flesh on their bones. 

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