10 Famous News Anchors People Would Love to Date

You watch them do their thing on television on a daily basis. They’re usually attractive, personable, and outgoing, all the things you look for in a partner. Those TV anchors have got it going on! Which begs the question: do you ever wonder how they would be on a date?  News anchors have such a serious and heavy job that it kind of makes you wonder if they’re equally as serious in their down time, or if they’d be more laid-back and relaxed. Check out 10 famous news anchors people would love to date.

  1. Katie Couric: This 55 year old beauty has done it all.  She has anchored the CBS Evening News, reported for 60 minutes, Dateline NBC, ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20… need I go on?  She’s also a published author, which is just one more testament to her intelligence. She’s witty and sharp, comes equipped with a beautiful smile, and would probably be a lot of fun to take out on a date.
  2. Erica Hill: She co-anchored CBS This Morning, co-anchored The Early Show, and anchored for CNN, Headline News and TechTV.  She’s both beautiful and funny, and not afraid of letting her playful side come out on air.  Add to that the fact that she’s well-educated as well, and it’s obvious she’d be the total package in a date.  
  3. Courtney Friel: This blond bombshell is not afraid to use her assets if you know what I mean.  She reports the news for Fox and has been the sports anchor for GoTV as well as a host for the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel.  At only 32 she has an impressive laundry list of accomplishments that take her far beyond just a pretty face.  Who wouldn’t want to talk poker or sports with this beauty?
  4. Anderson Cooper: This intriguing man has seen it all.  He currently has his own daily talk show, he’s good looking, he’s smart and he’s rich.  What’s not to love?  He is an anchor for CNN, has reported from all over the world, and has his own news show called Anderson Cooper 360.  He was listed in People and Playgirl as being one of the sexiest men alive.  And to top it off, he’s heir to the Vanderbilt railroad and fashion fortunes.
  5. George Stephanopoulos: This Greek god, I mean man, is co-anchor of Good Morning America, host on This Week, and primary substitute anchor for World News with Diane Sawyer.  He also formerly worked with President Clinton, something that suggests he’d be quite fun at a party.
  6. Robin Roberts: Robin is another person that could talk to you about almost anything because she’s done just about everything.  For starters, she used to play college basketball.  She was the sports anchor for WDAM in Mississippi; she joined ESPN as a sportscaster in 1990, and has received 3 Emmy Awards for her work on ESPN.  Now she is the co-anchor of Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos.  What more could a guy want in a girl than someone who can talk sports and really know what’s going on?
  7. Josh Elliott: This good looking guy seems like he would be a lot of fun on a date!  He is currently the news anchor on Good Morning America and was previously co-anchor for ESPN’s Sportscenter, as well as co-hosting on Cold Pizza and ESPN First Take. Having just turned 40, he’s looking pretty good and his achievements aren’t too shabby either!
  8. Matt Lauer: He’s 54 years old but doesn’t look it with his trim physique and great sense of humor.  He is currently the host of the Today Show, and before that he was a news anchor in New York and talk show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Richmond.  He also reported for PM Magazine and worked as a sideline reporter for ESPN. 
  9. Ron Corning: He is a co-anchor of the morning show Daybreak and the sole anchor of the show Midday.  He was also the news anchor for The Daily Buzz.  He co-anchored World News Now and ABC World News This Morning.  In 2006 People Magazine listed Corning as one of the ‘Most Beautiful People’.  Good looking and smart? That’s a dangerous combination!
  10. Diane Sawyer: She might be 66, but she’s still striking regardless.  She has a long list of accomplishments under her belt, and is a familiar household name at this point in her career. Among other things, she worked with the Nixon administration and went on to help him write his memoirs.  She was suspected of being “Deep Throat” in the ‘Watergate Scandal’, but was later cleared.  She was also the co-anchor for the CBS Morning News, and then went on to co-anchor Primetime Live. Following that she was an anchor for 20/20.  In 1999 she was a co-anchor for Good Morning America with Charlie Gibson.  Most recently she is the anchor for CBS News.

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