10 Dances You Should Only Attempt if You Are a Pro

With the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ becoming more and more popular as well as others like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ it is no wonder that people are getting back into dancing.  Is it safe to try all dances or are those that should be left to the professionals?  Check out 10 dances you should only attempt if you are a pro.

  1. Knife-Fire Dance: This dance is performed by Cirque du Soleil, but it originated as a tribal dance of the Samoa tribe in Hawaii.  The dancers twirl knives and fire from the soles of their feet to their mouths in a rhythmic and sensual dance.  Due to the use of fire and knives this dance is one better left to the pros.
  2. Sword Belly Dancing: Yes, they use real swords while they are belly dancing.  These swords are balanced on their heads or across their stomachs adding a sense of danger to their exotic belly dancing moves.  Some dancers will use more than one sword during a dance to increase the level of danger.  Don’t try this at home.
  3. Fire Dancing: This can be any dancing done with fire added to it, but some dancers feel like fire dancing is an art and they do more than twirl some batons of fire while running around the stage.  They respect the fire and let it do its own dance and they work with the fire to create thrilling and imaginative dance routines.  These routines are well rehearsed and the professionals are very careful with their preparations to perform with fire.
  4. Fire belly dancing: Related to both fire dancing and sword belly dancing, but something totally different.  Fire belly dancing incorporates fire breathing into the dance along with fire baton twirling and balls of fire on chains that are spun around all the while doing a beautiful exotic belly dance.  This dance combines the thrill and excitement of fire with the elegance of belly dancing.
  5. Bull fighting: To many this may not seem like a dance, but it is.  The matador has to use his skill to make the audience forget the danger that at any moment the bullfighter may be killed by the bull and show only the dance and ritual of the bull fight.  The Pasodoble is a popular ballroom dance that was created to further refine the dance that the bullfighter does with the bull.
  6. Khanjluri: A Georgian folk dance whereby the dancers have to perform very precise and technical moves with daggers.  Seeing as the daggers are sharp these performers have to be well-trained and skillful.  Not a dance for beginners.
  7. Mosh Dancing: Mosh dancing is done in a mosh pit and involves bouncing off other dancers often in an aggressive manner.  If you are not a pro I would not try mosh dancing because it can get very dangerous.  Depending on what kind of music you are dancing to and the level of drunkenness this mosh pit may turn violent in a hurry.  Not for the faint of heart or the beginner.
  8. Pole dancing: Not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but there are those out there that may think they can go jump on a pole and hang upside down.  Pole dancing takes a lot of practice and strength or you could fall on your head and break your neck.  It takes so much strength that they are actually now teaching pole dancing at a way to get fit.  I am certain that you don’t hang upside down on your first lesson.  And contrary to what you are thinking, pole dancing does not occur just in strip clubs.  Ever hear of Cirque du Soleil?
  9. Ballet dancing on pointe shoes: Dancing on pointe is something that it takes ballet dancers years to be able to do.  The strength of your feet have a lot to do with how well you can stand or dance on pointe.  Most professional ballet dancers spend most of the time on pointe and it’s very hard on their feet.  It is quite stunning to watch a ballet dancer move across the stage dancing on pointe.  Definitely not a beginner dance.
  10. The Pogo: While jumping up and down isn’t hard to do the rest of the dance is better left to those that have done it a lot.  This dance came out in the punk and Goth scene and is made up of aggressive angry moves designed to hit other dancers.  Many dancers end up with serious injuries.  This dance is not for beginners.  I’m not sure it should be for anyone.


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