Why a Father Should Be His Daughter’s First Date

As father’s watch their little girls turn into young ladies, one of their concerns revolves around the young men that may come into their daughter’s lives. Will she choose her suitors well? Will they treat her with respect? Will she know how to handle them, if they don’t?

These are valid concerns. Some fathers have implemented a strategy in their homes to help prepare their young daughters for that eventual step into the dating world. These fathers have begun taking their daughters out on dates themselves.

There are several good reasons why a father would want to be his daughters first date.

  • Set the standard. A father has the opportunity to model the behavior his daughter should expect from a man who says he cares about her. This is more than simply spending time together. It is a time for Dad to woo his daughter’s heart, to establish an expectation for the man in her future.
  • Bonding. These one-on-one times can establish a unique bond between a daughter and her dad. Times that are shared without Mom or the rest of her siblings will be cherished as special memories that are all her own.
  • Establishing value. When a father takes time out of his schedule and commits it to his daughter, it shows her, in a very tangible way, how valuable she is to him. If he’ll turn off his cell phone, engage her in conversation and listen to what she has to say, her self-worth will grow in a very healthy way.
  • Maintaining the relationship. If you haven’t noticed, we are not talking about a one-time event. This is not just about a father taking a daughter out on one date. It is about beginning, and then continuing, this dating relationship with her. By doing this, he maintains his connection with her. Dates will change as she changes, and it is important for a father to recognize that. A little girl may want to dress up for their dates. Your teen may want to wear her jeans and t-shirt. Remember to treat her as your date, not your daughter, and don’t tell her what to wear.

Fathers are a big influence in their daughter’s lives. That influence, of course, can be positive or negative. It will always be one or the other, never of no effect. A father’s relationship becomes the foundation for a daughter’s expectation of men. If her father adored her, she will expect and look for a man who will adore her as well. In the same vain, if her father ignored her or treated her badly, that is the highest expectation she will place on the men who enter her life.

If you want to be your daughter’s hero, you don’t have to accomplish any great feat. All you need to do is set aside some time to treat her like a princess, and she’ll always see you as her knight in shining armor.

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