20 Blogs About Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Plastic surgery has been the solution of many people who want to achieve better looks, but for years, we have been hounded by news about plastic surgery mishaps either to ordinary people or celebrities. Here are 20 blogs about plastic surgery gone wrong:

1. Sci Answers

http://socialmedia.scianswers.com/2010/12/13/plastic-surgery-the-top-signs-of-a-procedure-gone-wrong/-this blog cites the examples of mishaps in plastic surgery such as botox and rhinoplasty.

2. Plastic Surgery Prices Site

http://www.plasticsurgerypricessite.com/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong/ -take in considerations the expertise and reputation of your surgeon before leaping in plastic surgery. Read this blog and learn about the clues of plastic surgery gone wrong.

3. One Face In A Million

http://onefaceinamillion.com/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong/1617/ -know the risks of getting a plastic surgery before you plunge into the job. Visit this blog and learn more about it.

4. Mama Pop

http://www.mamapop.com/2010/10/omg-wtf-face-celebrity-plastic-surgery-wrong.html -this blog articles cites examples of celebrities who went under the knife and got a bad result after. Read this blog and find out about the celebrities who experienced plastic surgery mishaps.

5. Plastic Liposuction Surgery

http://www.plastic-liposuction-surgery.com/fixing-breast-implants-gone-bad/ -read this blog and learn about the complications of breast augmentation and what you should remember before taking in the risk of the operation.

6. GenInv – Health and Wellness

http://www.geninv.net/2010/10/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong-stories-plastic-surgery/ -plastic surgery can give you a better appearance, but when it goes wrong, be ready for the risks.

7. City Journalist Director

http://www.cityjournalistdirectory.com/event/facial_bone_grinding_cosmetic_surgery_kills_chinese_pop_singer_10078/ -this news story is about Chinese pop star who died of malpractice in cosmetic surgery.

8. Turn On

http://turnon.cz.cc/2010/11/15/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong-not-only-to-new/ -remember that like any other things in the world, plastic surgery can go wrong too. Read the blog and learn about more.

9. Awful Plastic surgery

http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/ -this blog has articles about celebrities having cosmetic surgery and the bad results this may bring.

10. Plastic Surgery

http://howtobehealthynfit.com/2010/12/11/when-plastic-surgery-goes-wrong/ -this blog offers tips on what you should do when you had a plastic surgery mishap. Don’t stress and remember the blog’s advice.

11. air ambulance specialists

http://airambulancespecialistsblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-avoid-cosmetic-surgery-gone.html -learn the tips on how to avoid cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Read this blog and defend yourself from cosmetic surgery mishaps.

12. Uz Journal

http://www.uzjournal.info/2010/11/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong/ -why do surgery mishaps occur? Answer this question when you read this blog.


http://www.abdominoplastia.com.co/a-warning-to-liposuction-patients-liposuction-gone-bad/ -this blog offers information about liposuction and how it can be used improperly by some doctors without proper training.

14. whataqueen

http://whataqueen.com/plastic-surgery/common-mistakes-for-the-best-plastic-surgery.html -know what common mistakes plastic surgeon might commit by reading this blog. It offers information and tips to avoid plastic surgery mishaps.

15. Muscle Building

http://www.musclebuildinghub.com/build-muscle/ways-to-stop-your-cosmetic-surgery-going-wrong -learn the right information to avoid having a cosmetic surgery gone wrong from this blog. This blog will offer you tips and guidelines.

16. Topic Reviews

http://www.topicreviews.com/whats-the-price-of-breast-implants-gone-wrong-are-and-where-can-i-end-up-getting-much-more-details-on-line-to-find-out-more-regarding-it/ -when you experienced a plastic surgery mishap, bear in mind that there are solutions you can do. Read this blog and find out!

17. health club

http://healthclub.recentpost.iim.bz/2010/12/07/plastic-surgery-gone-bad/ -what causes a bad plastic surgery? Read this blog and find out.

18. Plastic Surgery Is Bad

http://www.plasticsurgeryisbad.com/celebrity-plastic-surgery-gone-wrong/ -get to know that plastic surgery of celebrities that went wrong and avoid the same situation for yourself.

19. windirectory.info

http://www.windirectory.info/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong-plastic-surgery-never-say-never.html -this blog discusses the painful effects of a failed cosmetic surgery and how people should focus money on deadly disease like cancer than liposuction and such.

20. Medical Tourism in Baja California

http://frontierdoctors.blogspot.com/2010/12/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong.html -this blog offers information and tips about avoiding practicing plastic surgery without specialty.

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