10 Ways to Steal a Woman from Another Man

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. You ‘steal’ possessions, and a woman doesn’t belong to a man. She is not a possession for you to stick on your trophy shelf or put in your toy box. She is a person. You cannot ‘steal’ her from anyone, unless they are holding her captive against her will. However, that said, that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘gain her attention’ even while she is dating someone else, especially if she is not happy in the relationship.

By now, you should be fully aware that this article is being written by a woman. Which means, that you should pay very close attention to what I have to say. Another man would not be able to give you this kind of insider advice.

  1. Be her listening ear. Women have a great need to verbalize their frustrations and disappointments. When they find someone who will lend an ear and listening to them rant, they become very drawn to that person. The difficult part of this strategy is walking the fence when it comes to her relationship with the other man. You must manage to give sympathy to her in this situation without being critical of her guy. After all, it is still HER guy. That’s a tough thing to do.
  2. Be what he’s not. Is he rude and impatient with her? You should be the utmost of gentlemanly manners. Is he boring and unsociable? Be the one who is always making her laugh and inviting her to parties. Is he always the center of attention? Then you should be the one who engages her in quiet conversation.
  3. Be available. Number one, don’t be dating someone else. And number two, look for opportunities to spend time with her in small ways. It could be simple things like walking her out to her car, when she’s by herself, or chatting with you run into her around town. This does NOT mean following her everywhere she goes. That is called stalking and would gain her attentions in a very negative way.
  4. Share her interests. Is she a big fan of the Twilight series? Read the books so that you can converse on the subject intelligently and understand why she enjoys them so much. If she’s looking for volunteers for her favorite cause, be the first to sign up.
  5. Become a member. Is she on the safety committee at your work? Volunteer to serve on the committee too. Is she part of a local networking organization? Maybe that organization could benefit you in some way as well. Again, (see #3) don’t overdue this ploy, or it could backfire and scare her instead.
  6. Build her up. Congratulate her on her achievements, no matter how small. Take notice of a new haircut or a sweater color that is complimentary to her complexion and tell her so.
  7. 7. Hangout with her girlfriends. If you want to get to know a woman, spend some time with her best friends. Notice the word ‘hangout’. I didn’t say date. Plus, the friends are likely to pickup on the fact that you’re interested in her and pass the word her direction.
  8. Join the family. Not literally, of course, but becoming a friend of the members of her family can help make her more comfortable around you. It also gives you and her a chance to see how well you mesh with her family. If you really don’t like her family – then it’s best not to pursue her anyway.
  9. Adore her pets. If she has a dog or a cat (or both) that she really loves, then she is sure to think you are someone very special if you adore them just as much as she does. If her current fella doesn’t care for her pets, then that’s a home run for you and a strikeout for him.
  10. Be a better man. In the end, it boils down to this one: Simply be the better man. If she deserves to be treated better than she is by her current guy, give her someone to compare him to. You won’t have to ‘steal’ her away. She’ll leave him of her own accord.

One final note on the subject; if the guy she’s with is a great guy and your motives are all about you getting what you want – leave her alone. You’re a jerk, and she deserves better than that or the other guy wouldn’t be dating her in the first place.

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