10 Ways to Steal a Man from Another Woman

So, you have your eyes on a man but he’s in a relationship with another woman, how do you go about stealing him away from her and making him yours? Here are 10 ways that you can lure him from her and into a relationship with you.

  1. His Favorite Activities. Learn the things that he enjoys doing for fun and excitement. Some of those activities are bound to be things that you enjoy, or that you think you can come to enjoy. Find ways to show up where he is enjoying one or more of those activities, and show him that you enjoy them too. This is even more effective if any of those things you both enjoy are not what his current partner wants to be doing.
  2. Related Activities. Once you know his tastes in leisure and fun, suggest activities that you feel are closely enough related for him to find them enjoyable, but that he has not tried before. He will come to appreciate that you understand him, and will see that you help him discover more ways to have fun.
  3. Music. Learn as much as you can about his taste in music, with an eye to discovering preferred performers and genre that you have in common. A man is almost always attracted by a woman who shows appreciation for the same music as he likes.
  4. Related Music. As with leisure activities above, once you know what types of music that he likes, you can begin suggesting or playing similar music that he may not be familiar with, when you are around him. A man is much impressed with a woman that helps him find new music to enjoy.
  5. Become Friends with Both. Yes, this is devious, and may backfire if you learn to like her too much to continue with your plan. If you are determined to steal him, though, you can look for cracks in their relationship to exploit.
  6. How He Feels About Her. When possible, get him to talk about his current partner, and look for signs of things he is not happy with about her. Don’t be critical of her, just listen and learn while he talks. In this way, you are allowing him to do the work for you, as his talking about them tends to solidify them as unpleasant in his thoughts.
  7. Compliment Her. When talking with him alone or both together, be complimentary of her, especially of those things that you know he doesn’t like about her. This serves a dual purpose as it shows him that you are gracious while at the same time highlighting in his mind what he doesn’t like about her.
  8. Don’t be Obvious. When you are alone with him, act as though you are simply building a friendship and don’t make it obvious to him that you are trying to steal him away from her. He’s more likely to begin looking at you as a potential partner if he thinks it’s his idea.
  9. Laugh with Him. Look for opportunities to laugh with him, or to laugh when he thinks he’s being funny. There are few things more effective than letting a man know that your sense of humor and his are aligned in a common direction.
  10. Food. I know, it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché because it’s true. Finding a way to make a meal for him that you know he will enjoy, or, barring that, to invite him to share a friendly meal with him at a restaurant that you know he will enjoy, can be a very effective tool in the fight to steal him away.

With these 10 ideas in mind, your chances of stealing the man you want from his current relationship are much enhanced. Keep in mind, though, that if he can be stolen from her, he can probably be stolen from you further on down the road. Do you really want to be in a relationship with a man who can be lured away in 10 easy steps?

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