10 Ways to Respond to Let’s Just Be Friends

The lines, “Let’s just be friends” or “Can’t we just be friends?” have been heard by many guys and gals over the years. Usually, it is his or her way of trying to lessen the pain (or the guilt) of a break up. Of course, the friendship seldom happens, or if it does, it is after even time has passed to heal the hurt of the broken relationship.

So, how do you respond to this request for friendship, when your heart has just been torn in two? Take your pick for the list below. One of them should work for your situation.

  1. “Hey, great! I was just going to say that!” Act like it’s a big relief, as if you have been wanting to say the same thing all along. Go ahead and let them walk away thinking it’s all fine. Keep the smile painted on your face until they’re gone, then go bury your head in your pillow and bawl your eyes out.
  2. “And, why would I want to be your friend?” They’ve just broken your heart, and they want to be friends? Why? What benefit is there in that for you? It may make them feel better to say, ‘We’re still friends’ but it doesn’t do much for you, does it?
  3. “Thanks, but no thanks.” This the straight forward, no nonsense, approach. Why play games? You’re not going to pal around together. It just doesn’t work that way. Besides, do they really expect that, or are they just using a convenient cliché?
  4. “Yeah, sure. Let’s get together again real soon.” This will throw them off, because it isn’t really what they’re expecting. These lines are generally meant to be words only, and not a genuine offer of friendship. Let them walk away wondering what they can expect from you next time you bump into each other.
  5. “I’ve got enough friends, thanks.” This response reminds them that you didn’t enter into the relationship to add a new ‘friend’ to your circle. They’ve broken off a close romantic relationship. Even if you were friends before the relationship, you probably won’t be anymore.
  6. “What kind of friends?” After all, there are lots of different kinds of friends. There are casual, say hello, friends. There are friends whom you talk to everyday and confide in. Definitions are always a good thing, in this kind of situation.
  7. “You mean, like facebook friends?” Again, you’re asking for a clarification here. If they really want to be ‘friends’, then their expectations of that friendship should be clarified.
  8. “If you want to fly the coop, you have to let go with both hands.” In other words, there’s no straddling the fence. If the relationship is over, it is over. In or out; no standing in the doorway.
  9. “Sure. I wouldn’t want you to feel bad about DUMPING me!” Often the request for friendship is an attempt to make themselves feel better, by giving the impression that they are just asking for a ‘change’ in the relationship and not an end to it. You might as well call it like it is, right?
  10. “No time for friends. I’m going to be busy looking for your replacement.” This response lets them know that you have no intention of mooning around over the breakup. If they’re leaving you, then you will move on with life. There’ll be no need for them to hang around.

And you’re the one thinking of using the ‘friends’ line…Don’t. It’s old. It’s cliché, and it generally isn’t genuine.

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