10 Ways to Get Someone Under the Mistletoe

One of the most romantic holiday customs in our culture is the iconic kiss beneath the mistletoe. For hopeful singles, a show of playful affection under this traditional sprig of greenery can lead to long-lasting romance. If you’ve been harboring a crush on someone special, here are a few ways to see if there’s a spark between you to warm up the winter days ahead. 

  1. Place it In a Gift Box – In a grown up version of the “check-yes-or-no” note, placing a piece of mistletoe in a small gift box and presenting it to your crush can be a great way of gauging their feelings. A friendly peck on the cheek is an indicator of platonic feelings, while a lip-lock definitely points to something more.
  2. Play Dumb – Once you’ve spotted that telltale green bundle hanging in a doorway, nonchalantly lead the object of your affection towards it to refresh your drinks or grab a snack. A quick pause in the doorway to make light, flirty conversation can create the perfect opportunity for a festive show off affection without leaving room for a painful rejection. If they pass up the chance, you can continue as if you never noticed the mistletoe at all.
  3. Share a Toast – While it’s not a good idea to plant a kiss on an inebriated and unsuspecting pal, having a light tipple has been known to lower inhibitions a bit. Sharing a holiday drink (or two) can help the shy type find the confidence to make their feelings known.
  4. Be Blunt – In some situations, being forthright and blunt is the best way to go. For those with confidence to spare, pointing out a nearby bit of mistletoe and making your desires known might be the best method.
  5. Make a Joke of It – If you find yourself “accidentally” in the holiday smooching zone, making a lighthearted joke might be your best bet. A playful kiss can quickly turn into a serious one if there’s a spark.
  6. Notice Other Couples – If you’re across the room from the mistletoe having a conversation with the one you’d like to be kissing, point it out when others get “caught.” Simply mentioning the mistletoe can plant the seed, perhaps leading to a kiss of your own before the end of the night.
  7. Don’t Make it Awkward – Putting too much pressure on someone for a show of affection can quickly lead to tension. Keep it light and fun; if there’s an interest, let things develop naturally.
  8. Remember That You’re Not in a Movie – Hollywood loves to make the mistletoe kiss a passionate display of long-hidden desire, but sharing a heavy first kiss in front of a room full of people might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t expect a serious make-out session in the middle of a party.
  9. Be Prepared– If you’re hoping to be kissed under the mistletoe, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Smokers should especially keep a breath freshener on hand; no one wants to kiss a face that smells like an ashtray.
  10. Create Your Own Opportunity – The festive spirit of holiday gatherings makes this a great time for making your move for that cutie you’ve had your eye on all year, so don’t wait around for the opportunity to present itself; make your own! Keep a bit of mistletoe in your pocket or purse for easy access, and playfully present it if the right moment appears. This little move can ease the tension of a first kiss, making it a sweet moment that you’ll both remember for years to come.

Whichever method you employ to angle for that first kiss, be sure that you keep it easy and fun. Coming on too strong can ruin the moment and push someone away completely, so don’t put too much pressure on the situation. Let things flow naturally, and you might be on your way to that big New Year’s kiss soon!

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