10 Unrealistic but Common Romance Novel Storylines

Reading fiction is a great way to relax and escape to somewhere else for a while.  Many times we feel our life is mundane and not very exciting.  Losing ourselves in the pages of a good book is a fun way to spend our free time.  Romance novels take escaping to a new level and add the spiciness of imagining yourself in the character’s shoes or negligee as it were.  Unrealistic storylines are a little harder to get into, but still offer a fun read.  Check out these 10 totally unrealistic but common romance novel storylines.

  1. Virgin bride: This is an extremely common storyline in romance novels.  Boy meets girl and sometimes there are issues that keep them apart at the beginning.  Then they fall for each other and it gets romantic.  Then something tears them apart and it looks as if they aren’t going to have a future together.  Then they decide they can’t live without each other and they get married and she is a virgin.
  2. Wealthy stranger: It always seems to be a wealthy good-looking stranger that comes into her life.  He has some high-powered job, but never seems to be doing it.  He is used to getting what he wants and she’s not interested.  He pursues her because she’s not falling at his feet like other women have.  He wins her over and they live happily ever after.
  3. Lost on a deserted island: It may not always be an island, but it could be somewhere remote where either he or she can’t leave and they are forced together.  The proximity is too much and they give in to their passion for each other.  They get rescued and try to separate.  After being apart for a while they realize they can’t live without each other and they get back together for good.
  4. Hero rescuer: The main character runs into trouble, like a fire or hurricane. She is rescued by a fireman or coast guard officer and sparks fly.  Then he takes on a protective role over her, but she is a strong independent woman and doesn’t need anyone to take care of her so she runs away from him.  She finally realizes that she doesn’t mind being taken care of or that she doesn’t want to live without him.
  5. Financial trouble: Our heroine is having trouble with her family’s business.  The hero plays a related role like a businessman coming in to profit from getting her family business or a competing company.  They fight and think they hate each other, but they discover that there is a fine line between love and hate.  Then he has a change of heart and helps her out instead.
  6. Romeo and Juliet: Such a famous and great story that it has often been retold and reimagined in a variety of ways.  Our story can be set in modern times or in historical romances you can even read romance novels set back hundreds of years.  The basis of the story is of course the families not getting along and the kids fall in love.  Fortunately in romance novels they end happily ever after, not dead.
  7. Angry Kiss: The two main characters meet and somehow instantly hate each other.  They are thrown together for various reasons, business dealings or personal.  They argue all the time and never agree on anything.  Very common is the man getting so mad or frustrated with the woman that he says something mean or off-color and she slaps him.  He is either caught off guard or expecting it, but he rushes in to kiss her and she resists at first and then finds herself enjoying the kiss.
  8. Childhood friends: This is a very common storyline.  Maybe they were neighbors or in elementary school together and were great friends.  Then one of the other moved away.  Years and years have gone by and for some reason or another they end up back in their childhood home and reconnect.  This time they are just friends.
  9. Ugly duckling: Our two main characters knew each other growing up and she was awkward and gangly.  She grows up to be a beautiful woman.  Sometimes she doesn’t know how to show it.  She is in a serious job and tries to dress like a guy.  Then for one reason or another they end up back in the same place and at first he doesn’t notice her or even remember that he knows her.  She knows him though.  Then she breaks out of her shell for some fancy occasion. Her beauty blows him away and he can’t take his eyes off of her.  He then realizes he knows her and they get together.
  10. Arranged marriage: This is just as it sounds.  For some reason two people were promised to each other.  Be it in a royal family or a religious thing these two people have to come to terms with marrying a stranger.  Usually the break up happens because they decide that they are not going to let someone else decide whom they are going to marry.  They start out thinking they won’t like each other and then they find that they are a perfect match.

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