10 Things You Find Out About Someone AFTER They Move In

As many questions as you may ask of a potential roommate, there are still many things you won’t find out about until after they move in. Some of these may be minor issues, and others can become major issues.

  1. Sleep patterns – Are they a night-owl or are they an early morning riser? Regardless of which it is, if it is the opposite of your own sleep pattern, it could become an issue, depending on how deeply you both sleep.
  2. Snoring – Even when people have separate bedrooms, snoring can often times be an annoying sound that can reverberate through the walls of an apartment. If you are both sleeping in the same room, it will be impossible to get away from.
  3. Eating habits – A vegan or vegetarian isn’t always a good mix when rooming with someone who doesn’t share their eating restrictions. Being able to share in the costs of some groceries can be a savings for you both.
  4. Pack rat – Are their possessions going to consume much more than their share of the living space? We can mistakenly make assumptions about how much that they will bring with them when they move in.
  5. Entertainment tastes – If you’re sharing a television, your tastes in entertainment may be an issue. Even having one person who likes to have the television on most of the day and another who does not, can be a problem.
  6. Social life – Do they like to have people around them at all times, or are they more of a homebody? You’re sure to find out shortly after they move in. Hopefully, your two lives will mesh in this area.
  7. Housekeeping – This is often a big issue. One person’s idea of neatness or cleanliness does not always match another’s. If you’re used to everything being in its place and the kitchen being clean between meals, you may have trouble training in a roommate who has developed those same habits.
  8. Privacy – Not everyone shares the same ideas about what should be considered private and how to respect that privacy. It is best to define your expectations in this area right away if you don’t want your new roommate snooping in areas that you consider off limits.
  9. Friends – You can never assume that a person’s friends are going to be similar in personality to them. Getting along with your roommate and getting along with their friends can be a whole different story.
  10. Irresponsibility – Even if your roommate manages to pay their share of the rent on time, it doesn’t mean they’ll follow through on all their responsibilities. What you can and cannot count on them for, will remain to be seen after they move in.

Whenever you choose to share living space with another person, you are taking a risk of being disappointed or frustrated in some way. It isn’t likely that you will find the perfect roommate, no matter how carefully you interview.

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