10 Songs You Instantly Have to Dance To

This list could really vary depending on what genre of music you listen to. Across the wide spectrum of music styles, each genre has its songs that provide rhythms that immediately draw your body into movement. It may make you want to get up and twirl around the room or it may be the kind that makes you just want to be held close by the one you love as you sway to the music. Either way, your body just feels drawn to respond to the music. Here is a list of some those songs that have moved people to dancing over the years.

  1. Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu. This Johnny River’s song epitimizes the kind of songs we’re talking about here. The fast jazzy beat grabs you immediately. If you can sit still through this one you better check your pulse and make sure you’re still alive.
  2. Slow Dancin’.  Another Johnny Rivers song, the title tells it all. Slow romantic music with words to match, this song will draw most any woman into your arms. Turn the lights down low and push play, the music will do the rest.
  3. I Want to Dance with Somebody. Whitney Houston got people moving with this dance classic from the 80′s. Of course, the 80′s was the disco era where most everything was geared towards the dance floor.
  4. Bille Jean. Of the many Michael Jackson songs that will get your feet moving, this seems to be the one people were most likely to pick when it came to his songs that could get you out on the dance floor. Michael loved to dance, so it is natural that many of his songs were geared for movement.
  5. One More Time. Moving up to a more modern sound, Daft Punk has gotten plenty of people bopping and moving with this big hit. This one gets you hopping at the beginning, slows down in the middle to give you a rest and then picks back up again. Very fun.
  6. Johnny B. Goode. Chuck Berry’s music is classic rock and roll. This is another song that people just can’t listen to without movement. The guitar and piano keys are dancing. How could people not join them?
  7. Love Me Tender. This is one of Elvis’ most romantic songs. We don’t want to leave out these slow romantic songs. The dancing may be slower but its pull to movement is just as strong.
  8. Jailhouse Rock. This Elvis Presley hit contains the rock and roll beat that caused Elvis to girate. He couldn’t stand still while singing his music and his fans couldn’t stand still while listening to it either. Rock and roll was all about moving with the music.
  9. I’m a Ramblin’ Man. We can’t leave the country songs out of this list. Waylon Jennings is about as country as you get and this is one of his best toe-tappers. Some serious steel guitar going on in this fast moving piece.
  10. Hey Ya. In contrast to the country, let’s end with a little hip hop. The duo Outkast came out with this in 2003 and quickly moved up the charts with its funky beat.

This list certainly could not be labeled the top 10 in dance songs but it does provide you a broad spectrum. There is such a variety when it comes to musical taste. What would be considered good dance music by one might cause another person to cover their ears. Regardless of what our taste is in music, there’s bound to be something in that genre that is just meant to be danced to. From the moment we are born our body’s and minds appear to be built to respond to rhythm.

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