10 Signs You Are Dating a Workaholic

First, I must confess that this article is a walk in the park because I am a hard-core workaholic.  So, the perspective you are getting is from someone that works 15+ hours per day (and would work more if they could).  In many ways this is great, but when it comes to romance it is a sure recipe for how to turn yourself into a very lonely person. If you aren’t sure about whether or not the person your are dating (or even perhaps married to) is a workaholic, here are some serious signs to be watching for:

  1. They check their smart phone every minute or less and constantly ignore you while they tend to the latest email, text, or alert that has arrived.  In fact, you sometimes wonder if they are listening at all or if they simply just can’t tear themselves away from their mobile.  It’s almost like they are in a trance sometimes and that their smart phone simply refuses to release them from its power.
  2. They are constantly late being held up at work and when you call to check up on them sure enough, they are at work slaving away.  You might even have tried driving by the office and or visiting them at work and no matter how you check, they are there (at least you don’t have to worry about that).
  3. They refer to their home office as “their room.”  They actually spend more time in the home office at the computer than they do in any other room in the house including the bedroom.  In fact, you may catch them falling asleep in their office chair or with their head on the desk rather than in bed.
  4. They constantly cancel dates and even weekend trips because something important came up at work (as if being with you isn’t MORE important).  This pattern has to be ongoing to qualify them as a workaholic but it usually is and… normally gets worse rather than better over time.
  5. Every dinner date or conversation always starts with a rant or long discussion that is 100% work related for them (though they seem to show very little interest in your work stories).  This is an often clever tactic that the workaholic uses in order to actually think through critical decisions that will help them get further in their career (yep, they are using you).
  6. They point out their work to you as if it is something you are dying to see and they just won’t stop talking about it.  You may have possibly made the mistake of trying to seem interested at one point just to make them happy and your prize is now clear… more of the same.
  7. They accidently refer to you as a coworker or boss and/or simply call you the wrong name (usually one of their real coworkers).  They aren’t intentionally doing this, they simply can’t break out of their work routines and habits.
  8. Every discussion becomes a sales pitch even where you are going to go for dinner (this could be soft-selling you their restaurant choice or a harder selling tactic).  They may even attempt to negotiate dinner plans with you.  We will go where you want tonight and where I want tomorrow or your place for the main entre and my favorite place for dessert, etc.
  9. When you go to the store (it can be any store), they for whatever reason have to negotiate every purchase regardless of how insignificant it might be and then are estatic over having “won” the negotiation after spending 15-30 minutes to get $5 off a purchase.
  10. When they first wakeup after sleeping all night (or even in the middle of the night) they reach for their smart phone on their nightstand BEFORE saying good morning to you so they can check on anything that happened at work while they were sleeping.

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