10 Signs of a True Gentleman

Oh! for the gallantry of a true gentlemen.  The days of Clark Gable, and Cary Grant and the movies of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that showed us what a gentleman looked like.

I talked with a grandniece recently about how dating has changed over the decades.  She is a college student and had very good information to share.  One thing I hung onto was this “There are still true southern gentlemen out there…”

Well, great I thought.  Maybe some parents are still teaching the almost lost art of being a gentleman.

Women’s liberation movement back in the 60’s & 70’s had a damaging effect on men in many ways.  Even though the movement was really seeking equality in the work force, over time it evolved into downright disrespect for women.  So what are the signs of a true gentleman?

(10) A gentleman still opens the door for a lady

(9)  A true gentleman will stand when a lady enters a room

(8)  A true gentleman will stand to shake hands with a lady

(7)  A true gentleman will give a woman his seat on a crowded bus or subway.

(6)  A true gentleman will not wear his ha/cap during meals

(5)  A true gentleman will always wear a shirt when dining with ladies

(4)  A true gentleman will not use foul language in the presence of women.

(3)  A true gentleman does not lose his temper

(2)  A true gentleman doesn’t call me sissy when I scream at the sight of a spider or mouse.  But instead – goes after the enemy and rids the world of what I deem as danger.

(1)  A gentleman delights in doing things for others.  In doing so, his needs are forever met by those who also want to delight in doing for him.  It is a win win situation.

Achieving the true heart of a gentleman may take work, but soon it comes easy when a gentleman sees the rewards of politeness and common courtesy.  There are probably more out there than I realize.

Guest post by Doris T

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