10 Secrets to Instantly Cover Bad Breath

Bad breath can be very embarrassing for you and offensive for those around you. When brushing your teeth or using a mouth wash isn’t practical, there are several other remedies you can use to cover that bad breath. Most of these remedies are also natural remedies.

  1. Mint leaves. It is no coincidence that we use breath ‘mints’ to freshen our breath. Mint leaves have been used as a breath freshener for as long as breath odor has been a concern in society. Peppermint and spearmint are two of the favorites.
  2. Parsley.  These little green sprigs used as garnish in many restaurants are also great breath fresheners when chewed after your meal. This is a quick and very convenient solution when dining out.
  3. Clove. Chewing one clove will quickly cover over your halitosis. Clove tea is also another way of using this breath freshener. Not every enjoys the taste of this potent spice, however.
  4. Lemon water.  Swishing your mouth with some strong lemon water will cleanse your mouth and cut back on your bad odors. Another good reason to ask for lemon in your water at a restaurant.
  5. Cardamon seeds. Chewing a few cardamon seeds, fennel seeds or anise seeds are great ways to cover over unpleasant breath. These choices give a different type of flavor from the fruits and mints also listed here
  6. Pineapple juice. Another great fruit juice remedy for bad breath is pineapple juice. It’s sweet and makes a good dessert drink that can also sweeten your breath. A great punch drink for social parties as well.
  7. An apple a day. Fresh apple slices will help cover over bad breath. They are something that are often on hand and available, which makes them a great choice.
  8. Sage. This common herb has a great scent and makes a wonderful breath freshener when chewed. Many people grow this herb in their homes for both its aromatic values and it’s use as a seasoning.
  9. Filberts. Chewing filberts, also known as hazelnuts, slowly will help absorb bad breath odors. Keeping a few with you or picking some up from a nut tray, can get you through a social situation where you need to cleanse your breath.
  10. Chewing gum and breath mints. Beyond all the many natural breath fresheners listed above, there remains the many varieties of chewing gum and breath mints. As you look at your flavor choices for gum and mints you will notice that they generally will use many of the same flavors that come from the natural bad breath remedies. Mints generally provide a more lasting result than chewing gum.

When bad breath is or becomes a concern, you certainly have many options to choose from, both natural and of commercial variety.

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