10 Reasons Couples Break Up and Get Back Together

Did you ever break up just to make up? Breaking up is hard to do, but making up can be worth it. Inspiration for countless songs, couples split up for various reasons and get back together for just as many. So if your heart’s desire has left you, don’t despair. There may be a reason your relationship can be saved.

  1. Overreacted – So he ran over your cat. He didn’t do it on purpose. I know you loved your cat, but more than you love him? He said he was sorry and offered to get you a new cat. Maybe forgiving him would be a “purr-fect” way to make up.
  2. Got lonely – Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you start to miss all those things you did together. You look for excuses to stay away from home because there’s nobody there to share your time with. When you spend time with your friends, you feel like a fifth wheel. Why was it you broke up in the first place?
  3. Time heals – Your heart was broken and you never thought it would heal, but time has passed and the pain has lessened. You start thinking about all the things you had in common and missing the cute ways he made you laugh.
  4. Changed appearance – You hadn’t seen your ex-girlfriend for quite awhile, but now she’s looking hot! She lost some weight, changed her hairstyle and is that a new outfit she’s wearing? Your head wasn’t the only one turning when she entered the room. Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll think about getting back together.
  5. Jealousy – You had a big fight and went your separate ways. Then you see him with another girl and the green monster is sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear. You can’t stand the thought of him with someone else and you have to get him back.
  6. Dishonesty revealed – That evil Stacey told her you were seeing someone else behind her back to break you up. Then she found out Stacey just wanted you for herself. Now that she knows the truth, you’re back together for good.
  7. Renewed appreciation – He used to drive you crazy the way he left his stuff laying around and never helped with the housework. But now you start to realize all the good things he did far outweighs the bad. He could change the oil in your car and unclog a sink or toilet. Getting back together could be better than having to call the plumber.
  8. Family influence – Everything was fine until her sister started hanging around and interfering with your relationship. You finally couldn’t take it anymore and broke up. Now that her sister has moved out of town, there’s nothing to stop you from getting back together.
  9. Misunderstanding resolved – You thought he lied and you couldn’t trust him, but now you know the truth. How could you have ever doubted his honesty? Now that you’re back together, you have a better appreciation for his integrity.
  10. Circumstances change – You’re job was so stressful and demanding you didn’t have the time or energy to make your relationship work. Now that you got that promotion, you have the time to give it another try and the extra cash doesn’t hurt. You hope she likes the special gift you just bought her!

Life is full of ups and downs, and relationships aren’t always easy to maintain. Hopefully we all find that special someone to share our lives who can tolerate the good with the bad. Sometimes we have to split up to appreciate how good it is when we’re together with the one we love.

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