10 Date Ideas for Athletic Couples

One of the great things about dating someone who shares your enthusiasm for an active lifestyle is that you’ve got a healthy list of options when you’re making plans for a date.

Here’s a list of 10 date ideas for you and that special someone you met in yoga class:

  1. Orienteering – Here’s an activity that combines map navigating and racing or, at a more casual level, hiking. There are events that involve all sorts of transportation including on bike, skis, horseback, even  canoeing. You can learn more about this growing sport, and where to find scheduled events here.
  2. SCUBA Classes – Contrary to popular misconceptions, certification for SCUBA diving is neither very expensive nor time-consuming. For no more than the cost of a few golf lessons, you can be certified to dive in less than a week. And think of all the terrific vacation possibilities it would create for the two of you. Learn about diving at PADI.
  3. Sign Up for a Benefit Walk – Check your local area for any charity events that include a walk, or half-marathon. The combination of healthy activity with a worthy cause can help more than just your relationship grow.
  4. Driving Range – Inexpensive, fun, and an excellent way to hone your swing – or gain a little confidence, if you’re interested in hitting the course for the first time.
  5. Tour Your City on Foot – If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve taken your hometown for granted. Planning a trip to the tourist highlights is a great opportunity to develop not only a greater appreciation for home, but your calves as well.
  6. Ice Skating – or rollerskating, provides a healthy, inexpensive activity with just the right balance of conversation and diversion. Skill level is unimportant here, especially since less of it usually translates to more laughs.
  7. Cycling – Find a trail, or a cyclists’ club and hit the road on bicycle. See all that scenery that usually flies past your windshield unnoticed.
  8. Dancing – Whether it’s tango or ballroom dancing lessons, or some impromptu moves ofyour own at a nightclub, there’s no better way to get closer.
  9. Bowling – The casual atmosphere and no-pressure vibe make for a very relaxed date. If your bowling is on a par with mine, it also makes for some cheap laughs. Bonus points for joining a beer league.
  10. Visit a Sporting Goods Store – A trip to a Bass Pro Shop, Sea and Ski, or Dick’s Sporting Goods can be a blast with the right company. If there’s a rock wall or a boat display, so much the better.

The bottom line in dating is to develop an understanding of one another that hopefully leads to a lasting relationship. Sharing that time in healthy activities means, regardless of whether he or she turns out to be “the one”, you’ll both be the better for it just the same.

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