10 Chat Etiquette Tips to Remember

When you think of etiquette you might think that I’m talking about which fork to use with which course or where to put your napkin when you go to a fancy dinner.  Who knew that there were do’s and don’ts of chatting online?  Well, there are.  Check out 10 chat etiquette tips to remember.

  1. Same courtesy as face-to-face: When seeing someone you know that you want to talk to you would say hello or some other form of polite greeting.  The same goes for online chatting.  Send a greeting and see if they respond back.
  2. Be mindful of their time: It’s impossible to see through the computer to see what they are doing and if they are busy so you need to ask if they have time to chat or ask if this is a good time?
  3. Don’t continue to bug them: If someone has said they are busy let them know that when they have time that you would like to chat and they should message you when they are ready to chat.  Continuing to bug them is rude and annoying.
  4. Don’t leave them hanging: Let them know what’s going on if someone comes to your door or if your phone rings let them know.  They don’t know what’s going on in your house or whatever so you need to tell them that the phone just rang or that you will be right back. (brb)
  5. Watch your language: If you are chatting be respectful and don’t say crude or crass things that you wouldn’t say in a public setting.  Just because you are online doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to be mindful of offending someone.
  6. Don’t type in all CAPS: It sounds funny, but one of the most annoying things that someone can do is to type in all capital letters because that is the same as yelling in real life.  All lower case is fine.
  7. Don’t use too many abbreviations: Using well-known online shorthand is fine, but keep in mind who you are chatting with and make sure that they will understand what you are typing.  You don’t want to confuse the person that you are talking to or make them constantly ask you what you mean.
  8. Be as courteous as you would if you were chatting in person: Why is it that people online think it’s fine to ask you a bunch of personal information.  If you were chatting in real life you wouldn’t ask a total stranger if they were dating someone.
  9. Don’t forget you are chatting with a real person: One of the biggest faux pas I’ve seen is when people forget that there’s a real person on the other end of the chat and they are rude or disrespectful because they think they can.
  10. Always end a chat with a closing: If you are on the phone you say good-bye, if you are leaving a party you’ll say, talk to you later or something.  It’s the same in a chat.  Letting the person know that you are leaving the conversation is only right.

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