50 Potent Ways to Boost Your Libido

It’s a common problem… You are just too tired to get into the mood.  Your mind is willing but your body is weak and frankly just run down from all of the hustle and bustle of your daily life.  This is a daily struggle for me and my significant other and I’d be willing to bet that there thousands if not millions of others out there dealing with this same problem.  So is there a magic pill that we can take to reverse all of the damage of the day and get into the mood (oh I wish there was…).  There are certainly some medications that can significantly help, but there is more to it than that.  Ideally you are not only able to perform but ready to perform and fully enjoy the moment (aka no faking required on either side).  Okay so in my desperation I started reading everything I could find online and get my hands on in the library (yes, those still exist).  Let’s just say there was no shortage of suggestions, but here are the 50 best that I came across:

Daily Habits or Lifestyle  Changes - Okay I am NOT saying to become a different person but there are habits that each of us form that inhibit our libido and some of those we can change if we are willing.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Daily stress over trivial things tends to consume many of us.  However, if you are constantly worried about something (running late, dry cleaning, groceries, cleaning the house, work, etc.).  You will eventually weaken your libido.
  2. Stop Smoking.  Okay, I hate to pick on you smokers out there, but it’s a fact that this habit can lower sperm count and reduce your desires (darn nicotine – another good/bad drug).
  3. Stop Juicing.  Okay, it’s not just steroid junkies that need to be worried but several testosterone enhancing products can actually have the opposite end result.  You may look good and feel good but not be able to perform.  Let’s just say this is not one of the benefits of steroids.
  4. Schedule Sex Dates.  Okay, if you are just unable to get up for sex then try scheduling it and giving yourself some anticipation time (you might be surprised by how well this can work for some).
  5. Improved Self Esteem.  This is a tough one.  If your libido is low because you are not comfortable in your own skin and always point out your own flaws, consider seeking help to improve your self opinion and raise your libido.
  6. Reduce Alcohol Consumption.  Sometimes you think it’s a great idea to loosen someone up by giving them a drink or two, but be careful too much and they may just pass on sex and out instead.
  7. Household Expenses. One of the worst culprits for curbing libido in bed is thinking about credit card, utility, or other bills that you forgot to pay.  Pay them early/on time so you don’t have them on your mind at the wrong time.
  8. Lubricate Well.  Okay, slow down sailor… I’m talking about staying hydrated right now.  Our bodies in general perform better when we drink more water so try that to see if it helps.
  9. Hit the Gym.  Exercising has a way of increasing your libido by getting your metabolism going.  You may have to experiment some with when you do this to find out how close or far away from sex works best for you.  This has been the single biggest difference maker for me personally.
  10. More Kissing, Displays of Love.  Practice your love more openly for your significant other.  Kiss them, give them a massage, let them know you love them (don’t however constantly mount them).

Relationship Factors – Your relationship can obviously impact your libido especially if it is a more volatile one.  Here are some quick tips to help eliminate libido problems caused by touchy feelings.

  1. Continuous Communication.  Ughhh!  The most frustrating thing ever is when your partner just won’t open up to you.  If they are on shutdown and/or you are on shutdown, fight this any way you can (nicely).  Keeping the lines of communication open is critical.
  2. Avoid Arguments.  I mean let’s be honest who ever really wins an argument between a couple?  After you have been together long enough for sure, nobody wins.  Each “loss” or “win” is just another memory that can come back to haunt you later.  Just avoid the argument, talk calmly, and let the other person win before the fight begins.
  3. Commit some Time.  I know we are all busy but guess what?  Relationships take time and effort.  You have to put down your smart phone and your work long enough to focus on and spend time with your significant other.  I mean what is life all about in the end if it isn’t about having someone you love to spend it with?
  4. Take a Vacation Together.  I have to tell you that this is another one that has been huge for me.  Every time I feel there is a dip in libido, I change the scenery when I can with a short or longer vacation.  It’s not a cruise every time, it may just be a stay at a nice hotel in the area but it’s a difference maker.
  5. Go on More Dates.  This almost is a recurring theme at this point.  Aside from spending time together, make sure some of that time is out in public (aka a date).  Take your love to dinner and a show (not always a movie).  Date night can lead to amazing intimate moments.
  6. Don’t Use the Sex Weapon.  Okay as tempting as it may be ladies… sex is not and should not be used as a weapon.  I address the ladies because well… let’s get real here men just don’t have the same artillery.
  7. Share Responsibilities.  One major cause of libido issues is when one partner feels like they are carrying more than their share of the load.  Don’t put him/her in that situation.  Split up the common duties whatever they may be for your situation.
  8. Don’t be too Whiny.  If you complain constantly about not having enough sex that can lead to even less sex because it’s just one more thing that you are nagging the other person about.
  9. Smell Your Lover.  That’s right I said take a nice, long whiff.  Why?  Because you know you love it.  Whether it is there cologne, their shampoo, or whatever makes their smell unique.  That can trigger all kinds of good responses from your brain to boost your libido.
  10. Just Do It.  Hey, sometimes the Nike saying works perfectly.  Sometimes you don’t know how much you want to have sex until you just do it.

General Health – If you are sick or not generally taking care of yourself then your libido will naturally suffer.  Here are some ways to look after you a bit more:

  1. Get More Sleep.  Shockingly ALL humanoids do need to hibernate every night (8+ hours is recommended).  If you sleep more, you feel better, and you will more likely not be too tired to get in the mood for sex.
  2. Drop Some Weight.  Adding a few pounds or 10 or 20, can dramatically impact how you feel.  It is more work to carry around that extra weight so you not only look worse but feel worse, so back to the gym or diet for you!
  3. STD Alert.  Stay alert and on top of any possible STD’s you may have caught by getting tested regularly.  These can cause long droughts if you have one and can’t have sex until your condition clears (on again, off again).  Again, get tested and be on the alert for signs in your partner as well.
  4. Get a Massage.  Surprisingly getting a regular massage from your partner or a pro can really loosen you up and get you into the mood (perhaps it is better for your partner to take some massage classes after all).
  5. Reduce Saturated Fats.  Stay away from saturated fats if you can in your diet as they can promote clotting and reduce the flow of blood to your sexual organs.
  6. Circular System Support.  Stay on top of your circular system by treating cholesterol and high blood pressure problems.  Increased circular flow will lead to improvements in sexual performance and drive.
  7. Hormone Therapy.  Talk to your doctor about any hormone therapy options that may be available to you to increase your sex drive.  This is a common request and nothing to be embarrassed about.
  8. Deal with the Pain.  Don’t just suffer through pains.  If you have recurring headaches (for real), get them treated so they don’t interrupt or block sex.
  9. Don’t Practice Too Much.  If you masturbate, don’t do it too regularly.  If you do, well you will naturally be tired and not in the mood when your partner might be.
  10. Depression is Serious.  Treat signs of depression as being very serious and likely the root cause of your libido issues.  See your physician and talk about how you are feeling to see if they can prescribe something to help.

Eat Libido Enhancing Foods – Okay now we are talking… There are foods that you can eat that will help to increase your libido.  I’m sure we are all wondering what they are and how we can slip more of them to our partners.  Well here is a starter list:

  1. Almonds – They are full of some amazing fatty acids that boost your circulation (remember the circulatory system is our sexual friend).
  2. Bananas – Okay this has the right shape for sure (phallic), but what is interesting is that it has the uncanny ability to boost the male libido (potassium source).
  3. Goji Berries – Yummy and they also will boost hormone levels (testosterone) in men AND women.
  4. Black licorice – Well you love it or you have it, but it will help you make more love by increasing your blood flow to your genitals by as much as 40%.
  5. Asparagus – Yes, it is a green vegetable and yes you should still eat it as it is a great source of Vitamin E.
  6. Chilli Peppers – These little guys increase circulation as well as they contain something called capasaicin.
  7. Protein – Oh you meat eaters are in luck as that protein will give you more energy for longer sexual performance.
  8. Soy – Eating lots of soy/soy products can also increase your desire for sex as the phytoestrogens mimic natural estrogen.
  9. Figs – These are believed to increase stamina and they are high in amino acids (Fig Newton anyone???).
  10. Garlic – Well it doesn’t smell so good but it has allicin which can improve the flow of blood to your genitals.  I would suggest that both partners partake in the garlic though.

Random Tidbits – So somethings that I came across either don’t fit in the categories above or may be bordering on different ways to make love, but the idea of this section is to provide ways to get sexually aroused.

  1. Role Reversal – If you have gotten into a rut and that is slowing down the frequency with which you make love, try a bit of role reversal (switch positions where possible).  It’s a bit out there, but depending on your usual routine can give you an exciting perspective.
  2. Role Playing – Find something that excites your partner and dress as a fireman, police officer, naughty nurse, or whatever trips their trigger (of course they should do the same for you).
  3. Lingerie – Okay not just for the women, men suck it up and give your lady something sexy to look at.
  4. Candles & Roses – Set the mood with some rose pedals and light some candles.  Treat it like the truly special moment it is and you will be able to tell the difference.
  5. Sex Toys – Whether you like handcuffs and bondage or other types of sex toys.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with incorporating those into your love making especially if that is what your partner likes, share that experience with them if they are willing.
  6. Talk Dirty to Me – Hey, pillow talk doesn’t have to be whispering sweet nothings into the ears of your partner.  Try revving up the discussions a bit and see where it goes.
  7. Location, Location, Location – Who says that you HAVE to make love in bed?  There are several other places in the house that will work just as well.  Be creative.
  8. Watch Porn Together – Okay this isn’t for everyone but with the right person watching porn can be an adventure if you act it out later for yourselves.
  9. Bright Lights, New Sights – Turn the lights on and get a good look at the beauty that is before you.
  10. Touch Me Softly – Try just touching each other in different places and see if you can find even more ways to pleasure your partner.  It’s certainly fun to go exploring.

Okay so there you have 50 different and several very potent ways to boost your libido.  Hopefully several have really resonated well with you.  I know that every relationship has its ups and downs so it is always handy to try different ways to spice up your love life whether you just started dating or have known the person for years and years.  There are lots of ways of expressing your love and one of the absolutely most powerful is through an active and thriving sex life.  Enjoy!

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    neat submission its almost sinful. My girl especially liked it. IMO that this is one of the best posts I have ever read.

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