40 Achy Breaky Breakup Blogs

Okay so maybe I am a Billy Ray Cyrus fan at heart what can I say… but breaking up is no joking matter it can be downright devastating. I can’t count how many times I have had a great relationship that quickly crashed and burned and resulted in a less-than-desirable break-up. We each deal with a breakup in our own way, some eat there way out of the situation and others destroy anything that used to belong to their ex that they can get their hands on. To each his or her own, but the point is we find a way to get through it. If you have recently gone through a breakup or if you just want to be prepared for the next one, here are 40 great resources to help you get past a temporary set-back on your way to finding your true love (or maybe even how to get your ex back).

1. Loves a Game
This site offers some great shortcuts for getting past a breakup and has some pretty interesting articles on subjects like how to not stalk your ex on FaceBook and more. It’s fun and more importantly, really helpful.

2. The Break-up Project
This is a really well written article along the lines of “I need a break” and what that truly means as you build up for the big discussion and then deal with the aftermath.

3. Get Back Ex Tips
What if you don’t want to break up? This blog offers some advice on how you might be able to win back your ex.

4. Marriage Affairs—Surviving Infidelity
You can find out some of the signs of adultery and then what steps are necessary to either push past it or move on to the next chapter in your life (aka divorce).

5. Anything and Everything
This is a great article on a truly random blog that offers some good tips on handling a breakup.

6. Ezinemark.Com
This is another well written article that helps you either get back with your ex or move on, whichever makes sense in after the breakup sets in.

7. Gimme Candy
Are you considering getting back together with your ex? It’s not as easy as it may seem plus if infidelity was a problem how can you be sure it won’t happen again?

8. Brokenhearted Girl
This is a really good resource for a breakup and includes advice from the breakup workbook (check it out). It’s got something for everyone whether you broke up after a couple days or were left at the altar.

9. Break up: Relationship Falling Apart
Another great blog with interesting articles on things like how you can tell if a man is married, what women want in a man, and more specific breakup advice.

10. GetExBack.net
This site offers general dating advice as well as some secret sauce for how to get your ex back.

11. Get Him/Her Back
This blog is all about reading the signs that your ex is giving to determine whether they are just being cordial or if they want to get back together.

12. The Relationship Breakup
This is a great breakup blog that helps you through the breakup and also answers the question about getting back together with an ex even if it has been a really long time (maybe time was the answer, maybe not).

13. Getting Past Your Past
This helps you figure out what is hurting you the most so that you can put it behind you and move on after a really bad breakup (so any breakup I have ever been a part of).

14. Break-Up Girl
This is a great advice blog where you can ask relationship questions and get a solid answer. If you are at a loss as to what to do next, you might try this site.

15. Free dating articles
This is another general dating blog but it has some good reads on coping with a breakup.

16. Articles Inventory
This article offers clever ways to stop a breakup before it’s too late.

17. It’s About Making Up
Hmmm… maybe this blog title is adequate?

18. Voteecc
Looking for the perfect breakup quote or poem? Here you go.

19. AskMe.Com
Here’s a good article that targets men when they are in a flat out broken relationship.

20. Web.MD
Interesting apparently even doctor’s breakup. Just kidding, this is a medical blog but a very well written article.

21. Teens Health
This blog targets teens and coping strategies for dealing with their breakups.

22. How to Heal your Broken Heart
This blog offers an ebook “6 Keys to Healing After a Break-Up” and other related advice.

23. HelpGuide.Org
This is a great blog but specifically an excellent article that can help you deal with a divorce or simply a bad break.

24. Break up Poems
So I love poetry and had to include some quality relationship poetry from this site.

25. Articles Base
This is a big article database that has quite a few articles about breaking up.

26. Break up Advice
This blog offers advice for just about every person looking to get their ex back plus a pretty good video on the same subject.

27. Helium
This will help you properly time when you should split up with your boy/girlfriend or spouse.

28. Loving you
Here you can find things like 6 things you should say when you breakup and general advice if you want to stay friends or at least cordial with one another.

29. All Finance Advice
This helps you get over a breakup and includes special advise on dealing with breakup debt.

30. Good Health
This tells you the best ways to open up the lines of communication with an ex whether you want to get back together or just want to be friends.

31. Lover of Love
Maybe it’s a lot easier to cope with a breakup than you think, find out by reading this article.

32. Your Tango
How can you tell if your relationship is about to end? Find out the signs from this article.

33. Relationship Breakup Advice
If you need some quick advice on what to do in order to break it off cleanly, then visit this blog for advice.

34. Love is Complicated
Indeed love is complicated. This blog covers the full spectrum from puppy love to bad breaks.

35. Relationship Breakup Advice
This blog has lots of interesting saying and information and the big buildup is for their relationship detox which you need to see to believe (it’s a quick way to get over a breakup).

36. WacoJams Blog
This internet radio blog offers some advice to people who just split up.

37. JLS 360
This helps you come up with things you can do to forget your fresh breakup.

38. E Not Alone
If your breakup was hard on you, you are not alone.

39. The Soko
This offers the best way to say goodbye when the relationship is over.

40. The break Up Survivor
If you want to be a breakup survivor, get your tips here.

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