10 Signs You Are Dating a Deadbeat

When you fall in love, you are many times not expecting it to come, but the feeling can be so strong you are often blind to anything else. Your friends and family always have their opinions; however, you aren’t always quick to listen in, as criticism is never a desired confrontation. The problem often is that you can’t see past the sparks that got the two of you together, and you are willing to believe in anything of the other person, regardless to whether they may be a deadbeat or not. Dating a deadbeat is never a good experience and can often leave you desiring more but getting nil if anything at all. Even if the situation is simple, you find yourself falling for the deadbeat, not ready to give up hope. However, there are 10 signs you are dating a deadbeat that can give you a pretty good idea it is time to say goodbye.

  1. Literally paying everything. If you are the only one who ever pays the bill, no matter what bill it may be, you are likely dealing with a deadbeat that is only going to take you under. When the responsibility is up to him or her, they just aren’t ready to take the bill, leaving you always giving up of yourself with nothing in return.
  2. Never on time. If you are always waiting around for someone who never gets there in time if at all, you are likely handling a situation best left alone. The problem is with deadbeats that they fail to understand your point of view, often leaving you feeling like the deadbeat instead.
  3. Blames you for everything. Part of being in a relationship is owning up to things that are your fault. Unfortunately, there are millions of deadbeats out there that rather just blame you and allow you to go down for everything, even if it isn’t your fault.
  4. Doesn’t fend for you. Whether a man or a woman, you expect your partner to fend for you when the time comes. However, if you are dealing with a deadbeat, you will find yourself without a defense or support group, leaving you feeling all alone, which is really what you are.
  5. Buys, buys, buys, never gives you anything. If you are always paying for gifts, giving up your money for his or her next lavish excitement, or just always giving up your money for that which is spent by the other, you are expecting a little something in return. You should be getting the same opportunities, but if you aren’t, you are only getting fooled by a deadbeat.
  6. Never spends time with you, but demands your time. You have a dinner set up but he or she doesn’t show up. The next day you aren’t allowed to break plans to take care of work. This is a one sided relationship with a deadbeat that you just shouldn’t have gotten yourself into and should get out of immediately.
  7. Can’t rely on him or her. There are some people you just can’t rely on. Whether your woman or man, he or she should be there when you need them for anything you need. When you find times getting rough, you should be able to find your partner beside you, otherwise he or she is just a deadbeat.
  8. Takes from your kids. If you have kids and give them a little allowance or buy them great snacks but find that he or she is always the one getting the stuff, well, you should take a moment to re-evaluate the situation. From another’s standpoint, you are definitely dealing with a deadbeat and should probably take note.
  9. Stands you up all the time. Those who stand you up aren’t worth your time, and if it is your own boyfriend or girlfriend, then you should cut the ties quick. The reason is that you should be getting their time and dating is the main part of dating. If you aren’t dating, you aren’t in a relationship worth having with the deadbeat.
  10. Allows you to miss opportunities. You have a great job interview you have been trying to land for the past few months, but he or she gets you there late or causes you to miss out. This is a sure sign that you are dealing with a deadbeat that rather you lose opportunity rather than increase it.

Deadbeats are out there and it is up to you to identify when you are with one so you can get out of the relationship quick. There are too many reasons why a deadbeat can greatly mess you up and you shouldn’t have to deal with the problems they carry. As a person, you should respect yourself better than to deal with a deadbeat that hasn’t deserved your good time.

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