10 Ridiculous Things Women Do To Impress Men

While society as a whole seems to have no problem at all calling out men for the ridiculous things they do to impress women, there seems to be a bit of a double standard for women.  Just like men, if a woman finds a man to be particularly attractive they may attempt to up their game a bit to get that man (there is nothing wrong or surprising about that).  However, just like men can sometimes cross the line and take it a little too far, so too can women.  Women can sometimes put themselves in some pretty uncomfortable or even dangerous positions all in the pursuit of someone that probably is already interested (or not, but in either case not likely to be artificially persuaded).  So, let’s take a look at 10 ridiculous things women do to impress men:

  1. Wear the tightest clothes they can find. In the real world, clothes are created to fit in a nice and snug fashion, without restricting blood flow and causing you to suffocate. However, when it comes to impressing men, women will often try to squeeze into anything, showing off a figure that just gets damaged by the clothes that are too small to fit right (aka, you don’t always look as good as you think you do).
  2. Act wild. When a woman sees the guy she wants, she can sometimes get overly wild and crazy in order to get his attention and impress him as he sees her spontaneity and “fun” side. Unfortunately, this can seriously backfire and she can well, just look flat-out silly and/or desperate.
  3. Pretend to love sports. Many women get away with it, and it isn’t the worst tactic.  However, you will want to make sure you actually get the story straight and study up a bit before you use the wrong slang (which is pretty common like scoring runs versus a touchdown, etc.).  However, if in your heart of hearts you truly hate sports you can really be setting yourself up for some long nights and/or a confrontation on a later date.
  4. Pour on perfume. Perfume is sweet and sensual, when put on in moderate amounts. However, there are many women that takes this a little too far as well and overwhelm men with their perfume.  Remember, too much of a good thing can quickly become a negative. Dab, don’t bathe in it.
  5. Tanning. There are many women out there that tan to look healthier and toned. However, there are some that completely go overboard, tanning more than recommended and ending up looking like a burnt orange peel. This is not only ridiculous behavior, but can be extremely damaging to the skin.
  6. Slathering on the makeup. Makeup isn’t intended to create a mask, but many women feel they impress their crush more when he is seeing a mask of makeup. In actuality, the less makeup that is worn, the more appealing a man finds a woman, as they prefer the all-natural to the ridiculous.
  7. Plastic surgery. Today’s cosmetic surgery has no bounds. There are butt, cheek, breast, chin, and any other type of implants you could possibly want, as well as facelifts, tummy tucks, augmentation, and Botox, and many other cosmetic procedures women use to impress men that may temporarily be effective but at what cost?
  8. Water bras. Water bras were designed to lift the breast and create a fuller effect that feels real to the touch. So what is wrong with that? Well, most women use these bras in an attempt to impress a guy, only to find that when the bra comes off, they still only have what God gave them to begin with.
  9. Butt padding. There are products these days that provide padding for the butt, creating a fuller, tighter, and firmer bottom. This is one of the most ridiculous tactics by women to impress a guy and can often lead to disappointment in the bedroom as the guy finds out he has been duped.  Frankly, not every man is looking for a bigger, fuller butt.
  10. Buying him everything. If you are getting him whatever he wants to impress him, you are falling into a trap that men often fall into with women. You may be able to buy some affection but it is very unlikely that you will be able to buy his love.  So if you are after a kept man, get out your credit card.  If you want true love, spend your time on him instead.

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