10 Displays of Really Bad Table Manners

So you are on a first date and you decide to go for the always safe plan of dinner and a movie.  You pick your favorite restaurant and there just happens to be a perfect movie out in theaters that is not so new that the line will be horribly long.  It’s a perfect plan right, what could go wrong?  One really common experience at least that I have had is that dinner doesn’t always go quite as you had planned.  Oh the food is fine, that’s not the problem.  The problem is that apparently nobody has ever taught your date ANY table manners.  That’s such an amazing turn off to me that I can’t even begin to explain it.  I’ve actually ended evenings early because I just couldn’t watch this any longer (a mysterious urgent call, not feeling well, etc.).  The easiest way for me to describe the types of eating that bother me is to just list out these 10 displays of really bad table manners.

  1. Pushing food on the fork with fingers. Now if you have ever seen bad table manners, this is the star of them all, which is extremely disgusting and agitating if you have a good sense of table manners. Finishing by licking the fingers ices the cake and makes this one of the bright signs that table manners are nowhere near this person’s sense of reality.
  2. Eating messy food with fingers. Scrambled eggs, spaghetti, steamed vegetables, steak, whatever it may be, if it is meant to be eaten with a fork or spoon, please do so. There is nothing more disgusting than sharing a meal with someone who shows this top sign that they have absolutely no table manners.
  3. Chewing and smacking with mouth wide open. You may have heard the expression “sound like a cow” plenty of times around people that demonstrate this bad table behavior which is extremely disgusting. If people wanted to see what was in your mouth, they probably wouldn’t be closing their own mouth as they eat.
  4. Talking with mouth full. Besides the risk of food flying out and landing in someone’s plate or mouth, there are many other reasons why talking is best left to an empty mouth. This is one of the clearest signs that table manners aren’t yet introduced to this person and you may want to just tell them to shut up.
  5. Releasing bodily gases. Whether belching or passing gas, letting go of bodily gasses is just disturbing when at the table and can quickly turn anyone’s stomach. This is just common etiquette and if you can’t hold it in, excusing yourself is more appropriate than letting it go at the table to ruin everyone else’s meal.
  6. Reaching over another’s plate. There is nothing that people hate worse than someone reaching over their plate for the salt, pepper, rolls, or anything else, as this is a sure way to gross them out. Not only can things fall off your sleeve, but off the items you grab as well and directly into their plate.
  7. Elbows on the table. Everyone’s mother has said it a million times: “keep your elbows off the table”, and for good reason. When your elbows are on the table, you can quickly and easily knock something off or over, or even end up pulling the whole table cloth on as you reach back into your lap.
  8. Coughing or sneezing over food. This is the best way to spread germs, gross everyone out, and waste a lot of food. Airborne germs are bred through sneezes and coughs and land right in food that is surrounding the area, which can get others sick to the stomach and literally sick as well.
  9. Picking at food. This is a great way to show someone that you don’t appreciate or like the food as well as the fact that you weren’t taught or didn’t grasp well to table manners. Picking food shows that you see something wrong and whoever made the food will be offended, and others around you will wonder what you see.
  10. Slurping food or drink. This is just annoying when eating with others and can be a great way to gross many people out. There is nothing worse than listening to a constant slurp when you are trying to enjoy a meal.

There are many people out there that just have really bad table manners and many times don’t even care to try to hide it. From slurping to eating with your fingers, these are all signs that you don’t have proper dining etiquette which can keep people from wanting to eat with or around you and for a good reason. So if you find yourself eating alone a lot and/or dates taking flight mid-dinner or shortly thereafter, you might just want to work on your table manners.

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