10 Tips for Staying Safe When Dating Online

Online dating has become a very popular way in which to find a relationship, but is it safe? If you think that this is something you might want to try, here are some tips for staying safe in the process.

Before You Meet

  1. Reputable Service. Check out several services/websites before choosing one. Look for a service with a large database of existing members, and read reviews of the service in places other than their own website. Read their privacy statements, and be sure that they will keep your information confidential.
  2. Your Public Profile. Create the image you project with care. Provocative photos or a suggestive user id can give a potential partner the wrong impression. Do not reveal your actual name or specifics about where you live. Use the website messaging feature for all communication, until you decide to meet a party in whom you are interested.
  3. Questions and Answers. When you start communicating with a potential partner, ask direct questions and give honest answers to her or his questions. Don’t try to paint an unrealistic picture of yourself, and if the other party makes you uncomfortable in any way, move on.
  4. Reputation. Look for references to the party of interest in the website’s public message area. If possible, look for references to this person on other website public message boards. Be careful of those that have a reported reputation as a player. These public references won’t tell you everything, but multiple negative reports can be red flags.
  5. Phone Safety. Once you decide to talk on the telephone with your potential partner, use your mobile phone. Giving out your home number allows fast, easy access to your home address. In all conversations, be careful not to give specifics that may lead the other party to your home or work location.

Caution in Early Meetings and Dates

  1. Populated Public Places. Your first meetings and dates should always take place in public areas where other people are present. Restaurants are an obvious choice, places such as zoos or amusement parks are good, as well.
  2. Meet on Location. Never allow your date to pick you up at home or work for the first few dates. Meet the other party at the location of choice, and always provide your own transportation to and from. If you and your date decide to leave that location, insist on traveling separately from one place to another.
  3. Pay Your Own Way. If early dates occur in restaurants, coffee shops, other venues that cost money to attend, pick up your own tab. Do not put yourself in a position that might allow the other party to figuratively back you into an “obligation corner.”
  4. Avoid Alcohol. It’s a good idea to avoid alcohol on early dates. Alcohol has the potential for clouding your judgment, possibly causing you to do or say something that may compromise your safety. If you share beverages, alcoholic or otherwise, keep your own drink in view at all times.
  5. Inform Trusted Others. For those first few meetings, always make sure that at least one other person that you trust knows where you are going, and with whom. Don’t move your date to another place without updating your friend or relative before you leave the original location.

Now, don’t get us wrong; in almost all cases, online dating is perfectly safe. Avoid those few exceptions by using these tips, along with common sense. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings; trust your instincts, and you’ll have a safe and enjoyable time.

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