10 Tips for a Solid Online Dating Profile

Online dating has become more popular in recent years, and could even be considered a trend. If you plan on taking advantage of online dating, you want to make sure you have a great profile. Your profile is what leads potential connections to you. Listed below are ten tips for a solid online dating profile.

  1. Catchy Headline. Along with your picture, your headline is the first thing people will see when browsing your profile. Keep it short and avoid cliché and cheesy titles that can be a turnoff if taken the wrong way. You also want to avoid any negative statements that can make you sound desperate.
  2. Great Photo. The saying is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. So take plenty of them, so you have a variety to choose from. Make sure that your photo reflects how you normally look, and not studio shots where you had a pro do your hair and makeup.
  3. Keep It To One Page. Just like writing a resume you don’t want overkill here. If you give away too much information about yourself, you won’t have anything to talk about on your date. You also do not want it to be too short, where the reader doesn’t have enough information to make an impression.
  4. Keep It Meaningful. Make sure that the information you are giving about yourself is something that you would normally share with a date or potential suitor. Listing the number and names of your cats is probably not a good idea, but you can mention that you like cats.
  5. Spellcheck. Using spellcheck is a must, when writing an online dating profile.  Misspelled words don’t just make you look uneducated, but it can make you look lazy as well. Take the time to read through your profile and check for spelling and grammar errors. You may even want to have someone else review it as well.
  6. List Interests That Can Be Done In Pairs. Sharing about all of your collections can be a turn off in an online profile, because it can give the impression that you are a loner who sits at home collecting stuff. You should, however, mention exhibits you like to go to. This demonstrates that you do get out of your house, and are looking for someone to share your interests.
  7. Be Honest. Remember the idea is to get a date, which means, someday you plan on meeting these people in person. Lying about your age, height, weight or anything else is not a good idea. Once they find out the truth, they may not care about what you lied about, but they certainly will care that you lied.
  8. Be Entertaining. You don’t need to be a comedian, but a few jokes or lighthearted comments won’t hurt. It shows that you are human and have a sense of humor. You do not want your profile to read like a manual with a monotone structure.
  9. Write In a Conversational Tone. You are trying to impress your audience, but this is not a composition paper. Your profile needs to reflect your normal self. Don’t use big words, just to sound smart, unless that is how you normally talk.
  10. Show Your Personality. Be descriptive and show your personality. Rather than saying you are compassionate or educated, show it with your information. Mention your interests that show compassion instead, such as volunteering. Also, this is not a newspaper ad, so it shouldn’t read like one. Don’t say you like to read. That’s too basic. Mention your favorite books instead.

Writing an online profile isn’t a one and done type of deal, it will take multiple drafts to get it just right, and you may have to refresh it once in a while if you aren’t getting responses.  Make sure to have someone else review it, to ensure that it flows and is a good depiction of you.

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