10 Things to Do While Dating Online

We often see articles about what ‘not’ to do when dating online, but what are the positive things we ‘should’ be going? Here’s a list of ten things that can be helpful to your online dating experience.

  1. Demonstrate literacy – Dating sites have found that those who communicate with poor spelling or using text short cuts like ‘ u r rite’ instead of ‘you are right’ give a negative impression. Taking the time to type things out correctly shows, not only that you have an education, but that you are taking your communication with the person seriously.
  2. Creative greetings – To get someone’s attention online, you need to start with a greeting that says more than the standard, ‘Hi. How are you?’  Try sticking a different question in the greeting. Try something non-threatening, like ‘Hi. What’s your favorite movie?’ Anything that will spark a true conversation, rather than meaningless exchanges of pleasantries.
  3. Initiate Topics – Be prepared to bring up topics of discussion to keep conversation going. If you’re both introverts, conversation can easily stall out, if you don’t give it some thought ahead of time.
  4. Photos with pet – Many individuals will have profile pictures that include their dog or cat. This has shown to be a very positive choice. It creates interest from other pet lovers and creates an immediate conversation point.
  5. Read profiles first – Take the time to read through profiles thoroughly before initiating contact. It will demonstrate a greater level of interest to the person and allow you to pick topics of conversation that they have mentioned on their profile.
  6. Learn from profiles – Looking at other profiles can be a great way to find ways to improve your own. When you see things you like or don’t like about someone else’s profile, take note, and make sure to adjust your profile accordingly.
  7. Share music – Youtube makes it easy to share your tastes in music with your online dates. It is also a great way to get introduced to new musicians through your new contacts online.
  8. Video chat – You don’t have to give out your Skype ID in order to do a video chat with your online date. Meet your date in a video chatroom, on the dating site if it has one, or elsewhere on the net.
  9. Online games -  When dating online, playing games together online is a natural way to have some fun together and go beyond simple conversation. This doesn’t have to be Xbox. It can be things as simple as checkers.
  10. Movie date – This has become a popular type of long-distance dating. Both of you watch the same movie at the same time, while staying in contact so you can share your comments, laughter, etc.

A few positive tips for your approach and a few more tips on ways to date via the internet. These things combined should help you get off to a good start in the online dating world.

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