10 Things to Avoid While Dating Online

When attempting to begin dating relationships online, there seem to be some things that go over well and others that don’t work so well. Some of these would be fine in a face-to-face situation, however, the  cyber-world has it’s own set of rules for interaction. Here are some of the negatives to try and avoid.

  1. Religion – Bringing up religious subjects or questions regarding a person’s religious believes seems to be a turn-off for most people online. It isn’t what they’re expecting at the beginning of a friendship with someone and can put them on the defensive.
  2. Politics – Another potentially divisive topic to avoid. Unless you both have the same political affiliation noted on your profiles, it’s better to avoid the subject.
  3. Text-speak – An occasional LOL is considered appropriate, but being too lazy to type out your words in your online conversations on a dating site is generally considered a sign of immaturity.
  4. Physical Compliments - “You’re beautiful” may seem like an honest, harmless compliment, but it will make for an awkward moment. Would you walk up to a girl you just met and simply make that statement to her face? Probably not. Don’t do it online either.
  5. Aggressive approach – Online conversations are different than talking to someone with eye contact. People can be easily intimidated if you appear to be overly aggressive too soon.
  6. Self promotion – As the saying goes, ‘It’s not all about you.’ Your conversations should provide a good balance of questions about the other person and their interests and offering information about yourself.
  7. Small talk – If the weather and what you had for dinner are the only topics you can come up with to start a conversation, you aren’t going to get very far. Take time to read the other person’s profile and bring up subjects that they may have some interest in.
  8. Overly detailed – Long drawn out descriptions and details about situations or your latest read, will easily send your online date snoozing. Try to converse in a few lines at a time and not multiple paragraphs.
  9. Personal information – Follow the general safety rules for online dating and don’t ask for, or give out, personal contact information too soon in the relationship.
  10. Sarcasm – Sarcasm doesn’t always come across correctly in a written conversation. It can easily be misunderstood. It’s best to avoid using it at all.

When dating online, keep in mind that the other person can’t see your facial expressions or your body language, and they can’t hear your tone of voice. These visual and verbal clues affect our communication much more than we realize. Without that smiling face or wink of an eye to assure the other person of your intent, they are left guessing. Online communication requires a much more straight forward approach.

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