10 Secrets to Finding Your Wife Online

Many people who logon to online dating sites are looking for more than simply meeting new dating partners, they’re looking for a long-term permanent relationship. They are looking for their spouse. If you are truly wanting to find the woman of your dreams, who will marry you and stick with you for better or worse, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Keep it local – Although there are plenty of stories of long-term marriages that have developed from long-distance relationships, this can be a risky venture. This is especially true when there is a language barrier. Even when the woman is from the same country, starting a relationship that will require one or the other of you to relocate is generally not a wise idea. Looking for possibilities which would allow for ongoing personal contact is a safer place to start.
  2. Start with personality – Don’t start with looking for the pretty face, you can do that later. A pretty face can easily sway a man and cause him ignore the more important aspects of compatibility, such as personality.
  3. Common interests – Marriage works best when you have some shared interests that you can enjoy together. It’s ok to have some separate interests, but you should have some activities that you will enjoy together. If you love tent camping and she hates it, your vacations will always be a time of conflict.
  4. Common ideals – Religion and politics are areas that people can have very passionate opinions on. They can often be ‘deal breakers’, or in this case, marriage breakers.
  5. Avoid casual dating – If finding a wife is your goal, then don’t waste time starting a relationship with someone online who has made it clear that they are not ready for a permanent relationship. Never enter into a relationship with the assumption that you are going to change the person or change their view of the relationship. It isn’t fair to the other person.
  6. Honest profile – Be as honest as you can about who you are and the type of relationship you are looking for. When you’re looking for a marriage partner, you need to find someone who can accept your flaws along with your good points.
  7. Current picture – The online dating sites will tell you this, and it is very good advice. Keep your profile photos current and real. If you’re bald, you’re bald. She should be able to recognize you when you meet in person from the photo she’s been looking at online.
  8. Take your time – Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time browsing through your profile matches. If you don’t see just what you’re looking for right away, don’t settle for something less. Maybe she’ll show up in a few weeks. Take your time getting to know those who do spark some interest. Marriage is a big decision.
  9. Talk about everything – Don’t leave any topic uncovered and don’t assume you know where she stands on a subject by what you read in her profile. What’s her idea of the ideal home? What is her family like? What did she do on her last vacation? What did she eat for supper last night?Does she have a big credit card bill? (Don’t forget to ask that one!)
  10. Face-to-face – Marriage is a face-to-face relationship. Don’t plan on choosing a wife without having actually met her face-to-face and spent some time with each other without the buffer of a computer screen.

Remember, a wife is someone who will have expectations of you, just as you will have your expectations of her. It’s a big commitment to enter into a marriage relationship with another person. You get all their ‘baggage’ and they have to deal with yours. Take your time and don’t be afraid to back out of a relationship that seems to have trouble during the dating stages. Marriage makes things harder, not easier.

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