10 Secrets to Finding a Husband Online

The number of people looking for and finding marriage partners online is continually increasing. There are some definite advantages to this new form of matchmaking. You can find out a lot more about a person from an online profile than you usually would by simply being introduced in person. You also have access to a much broader range of potential partners than you might find locally.  Here’s ten secrets for finding that perfect husband online.

  1. Know your match – Do some research on your own, or in the articles on the dating sites about the different types of personalities that mesh well together. Knowing your own personality traits and those of the person who would best match yours, can help narrow down the search.
  2. Make it known – Be sure to be clear in your profile and your searches on online dating sites that you are looking for a marriage partner, and not just casual dating. You wouldn’t want to fall for someone who isn’t ready for commitment.
  3. Perfect your profile – Give careful thought to what you place on your profile. Make sure it clearly presents who you are, what your interests are and what your family values are.
  4. Take your time – Don’t be in a hurry. Quick marriage decisions, often end in disaster. Spend plenty of time getting to know someone online before meeting in person, and then continue to take time getting to know them in the offline relationship. You will find out many things in person that you didn’t online. Beware of anyone who pressures you to make a commitment in a short amount of time, that is a tactic of many deceitful charmers who prey on women.
  5. Location- Give careful consideration to whether you are willing to relocate or enter into a relationship that requires a long distance courtship.
  6. Beware of scammers – Unfortunately, there are men who frequent online dating sites simply for the purpose of gaining access to the finances of unsuspecting women. Some are even willing to enter into a marriage to do so. As mentioned above, high pressure to make a quick commitment is a warning sign. Any mention of financial needs (no matter how veiled) should also be treated with suspicion.
  7. Who’s your perfect mate? - Take the time to write this out before you even start. What are the qualities that you are looking for in a husband? Once you have a full list, prioritize these things. What are your non-negotiables and what are the ‘extra bonus’ items?
  8. Choosing a site. When you look at online dating sites, you will find that some are more geared towards casual relationships and others are more focused on finding a mate. Take this into consideration as you select the site that you are going to be a part of.
  9. Seek advice – Sometimes your friends and family know you better than you do yourself, and can give you insight on your choices of contacts online. Just having another perspective can be helpful in making decisions.
  10. Don’t waste your time – Women tend to receive many more responses to their profiles online than men do. Don’t feel you have to respond to every interested party.

Mr. Right is out there somewhere, don’t settle for Mr. Second Fiddle. Have fun looking through your options and don’t be discouraged if you don’t find him right away. He might not decide to join the dating site until a few weeks or months after you do.

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