10 Differences Between Online and Offline Dating

Online dating has become a growing phenomenon that millions are taking advantage of, while many still prefer the old fashion face-to-face, or offline dating. Listed below you will find ten differences between online and offline dating.

  1. Broaden the Horizons. When you are dating online the sky is the limit, literally, to finding love. You are not limited to your local socializing spots, or friends of friends, like you are with offline dating. Online you can find love in Japan with someone living in Iceland.
  2. Filters. The more specific you are in your interests and wants on an online dating profile, the easier it is to find the kind of person you are looking for. You may have some requirements regarding what you expect in a dating partner, and while it does limit the possibilities, it also weeds out people you know you wouldn’t be interested in. You have this option online, but offline, you find out the hard way.
  3. Cost. While dating offline it may take a while to get to know someone through a series of dates, which can get expensive, and is time consuming. When dating online you get the advantage of gathering information about potential dates via  messages and profile searches, prior to ever going on a date.
  4. Playing the Field. When dating offline, you may be conscious of giving a bad impression if go out on dates with several different people in a short period of time, as   you try to get to know them. With online dating, you have the option of getting to know several people prior to an official date, and no one is the wiser.
  5. Truthfulness. It may be difficult to determine if someone is lying while dating online. Someone could be playing a practical joke, and posing as a 30 year old female, when it is really a 15 year old boy. When dating offline, the chances of that situation occurring are slim to none. You have the advantage of talking face to face.
  6. Editing Options. When dating online you have the option to edit your comments ,and think about them prior to posting. When dating offline, you only get one shot to make a first impression. If something embarrassing slips out, you may ruin any chance of a relationship.
  7. Time. When dating offline, you are out and meeting people daily, as is. When dating online, you give yourself a little time to get to know someone, prior to meeting in person. That gives you a chance to make improvements in the meantime, whether it be to lose a few pounds, or brush up on a foreign language.
  8. Character and Emotion. It is really difficult to get a sense of a person’s character, as well their emotions, when communicating online. By dating offline, you get a better sense of a person and their responses. You can’t see an eye roll or a smile, through the computer, like you can when face to face. Remember, emoticons can lie.
  9. Habits. Bad manners are easy to conceal when dating online, you just don’t share them. When dating offline, you get to see whether the person you are dating has bad manners or not. Do they hold the door and greet strangers pleasantly? Or do they pick their nose and behave rudely to servers?
  10. Pressure. Peer pressure isn’t just for teenagers. When dating online, you don’t experience the same pressure of becoming intimate, as you would when dating offline. You have the time to get to know the other person online, without meeting in person. You can make your preferences known ahead of time, without fear of being embarrassed in a face to face date.

Only you can decide, which method best suits you and your needs. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to dating both online and offline. When in doubt, try them both to see which lands you love.

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