10 Cool Stats on Online Dating Success

Online dating is becoming more popular than ever with the raging increases in technological advances, along with people becoming more and more knowledgeable with the internet. Listed below you will find ten cool stats on online dating success.

  1. Interaction. People who date online via email and chat actually have more interaction than those who are dating solely in person. This may be in part because you have less distraction while chatting online, than you would in a busy public place.
  2. Successes. According to a 2010 survey, nearly ten million American couples met through online dating. That is third in line, next to those who reported meeting at a bar, school or at work.
  3. Marriage. Each year, over one hundred thousand couples get married to someone that they met online. This number keeps on increasing as the years go by.
  4. Safety. Some states have adopted internet dating safety acts that require dating sites to list safety tips and perform background checks on their members. Even those that aren’t required by law are prone to offer these services as well, which is great at educating members, and keeping potential criminals out of their database.
  5. Long Lasting. The average amount of time that a couple dates prior to marriage is about one and a half years for those who met online, while those who met in person have an average courtship of three and a half years prior to marriage.
  6. Alternatives. The porn industry has recently reported a seventy four percent decline that they are attributing to online dating spikes.
  7. Personality. Studies have shown that people who use online dating services tend to be more sociable, have higher self-esteem and are looking for romance. These can all lead to more successful long term relationships.
  8. Choices. It has been reported that women generally receive an average of five email responses a day from online dating services. This gives women many more options for  dates. How likely are you to get five guys to ask you out in a normal day without that service?
  9. Photos. Profiles with photos are more than twice as likely to get a response, as those without a photo. Some people don’t want to post a photo because they are worried about being criticized, but you are more likely to get responses with a photo. Not having a photo can be an indication of a scammer, as they usually don’t post photos of themselves either.
  10. Canadians. Canadians have the highest usage rates of online dating sites than any other nation. Since they spend more time online than any other nation, you are sure to get good results if you expand your search to include Canadian based sites or locations.

Not too long ago online dating was getting a bad reputation as either not being successful or only for use by loners who don’t want to leave their house. These have proven to be false. In fact, online dating has spiked to being over five times more popular than it was a decade ago. Online dating can be a successful venture for anyone, in any age group .Just remember to be safe, and have fun.

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